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Guest a bee blu 426

my arabesque is my strongest step :) , but for some reason i have trouble with my penchee. when my leg is in my hand, i can lift it 180 degrees, so i know this is not a leg-flexibility issue.



in first arabesque my leg rises about 110 degrees easily (with my back up, hips square, etc.) however, in penchee my leg doesn't seem to want to go up much further than this. i just can't seem to raise my leg in proportion with my chest dropping down. my leg just wont lift, no matter how far i lean over.


i am aware that there was a previous thread on penchee, but it didnt answer my question.


is this a strength issue? if so, what muscles are the issue and what can i do to strengthen them? :blushing:


thanks in advance.

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A penché is not quite the same thing as when you lift your leg with your hand, because it is not going to be directly behind you if you are holding at the knee, and if you are pulling it up with your foot in your hand, while it will be behind you, it will not be turned out and is not really in an arabesque position. So, penché has to be worked separately.


Put a portable barre horizontal to the mirror, you when you stand on one side of it you are facing the barre and the mirror at the same time. Stand back from the barre a bit and take an arabesque. Your distance from the barre should be just enough so that you cannot touch it when you step into the arabesque, but when you start to tilt forward you can reach it. Move your body forward and and tilt downward, but watch in the mirror where your leg is. Do not lower the body any further when the leg won't go any more. Your upper body and your arabesque leg must move at the same rate and distance, like you are a seesaw, so that the front arm (when you are not holding the barrre) and the back leg are equal and opposite.


To get a really good stretch from this exercise, go as far as you can, hold the leg there but bring the body up.

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