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I was not sure if i should go on the wine couch or the champagne couch so i decided to opt for a soft drink couch until i could make up my mind. :blink:


Yesterday i took my intermediate exam with the RAD. I think it went well, i messed a few things up but recovered well but i still have a sinking feeling that i have failed. I know this is not very positive thinking but i do not want to set myself up for a fall. The barre work went well with one small hiccup (we all went wrong on the same exercise - petit battement serrie, it was on the 2nd side with alternative music, i could not find a beat in the music to do the exercise and neither could the other 3 girls it was actually quite comical we all lost the plot :blushing: ). The centre work went well also, lots of adage, i nailed my pirouettes. :speechless: I managed every double and landed perfectly (there is a first for everything). Then came the jumps, she chose all the ones i loathe. The free one was not to bad although we had to do it four times through. I danced the dance like i have never done in class, i moved it a lot more and put lots of feeling into it but this was helped by having a lot larger studio than at my school. Then came the pointe work and it seemed secure to me and i was happy with what i performed. After pointe work came the words i had been longing to hear "Thank you girls, you have now completed your examination would you please do your courtsey first to the pianist then to me) :grinning::):D


The hard part now is waiting for the results although i am not sure if i want to hear them. If i pass i shall be on that champagne couch quicker than you can pour a glass of the bubbly stuff and if i have failed well you will find me on the wine couch drowning my sorrows and getting ready for the next exam session. So until that decision is made for me my fingers and everything else is crossed :green::o



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Hey Skippy


Big hug to you :angry: it sounds like you did tremendoulsy well. Don't try to dwell on it, its happened, you did your very very best...and I know how hard you have been working. We are all hoping for the best for you of course :unsure: so whats next then????




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:dry:B):D I got a phone message from my teacher asking if i could ring her back. So i did then i cried then laughed then cried even more. I have passed my intermediate exam, i got a commended. I cannot believe it i really thought i had messed it up. I am on cloud 9. I guess this means i am off to the champagne couch yipee.


Now i just have to get through Advanced Foundation aggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!



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Congratulations to you Skippy!!!! well done!!!!


you did get your result quick (are the result slips back in the system of the RAD?? B) it kind of took me 7 weeks!!)


but, on topic again....who was your examiner??? (sorry, always curious to know that :D )


and advanced foundation.....i loved it so much more than intermediate......have fun with the new settings and music of the upcoming syllabus!!!



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Thank you Skip B) ,

I think the results came through so quickly because we were at the end of the examination session (The last day for the exams was the 29 August). My examiner was called Mrs Cantine, an older woman with brown hair and a very pleasant lady even if she did try and stifle about 10 yawns or more, i like her even more for passing me haha.


We started the advanced foundation on Wednesday, it seems quite nice, lots of adage and pointe work which is just up my alley. Thank God i passed as i would have hated to have stopped the advanced i was so bored of doing intermediate.


Skip, have you taken your advanced foundation if so how did you do, if not do you intend to take it in the near future. I may come to you asking for lots of advice so be prepared. Who knows, if my work sends me to Schipol we can talk over a drink and compare notes (oh no i hear you cry)......


Skippy :D

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Guest temple_dancer

Congrats skippy on your results - wow a COMMENDED?!?! That's absolutely phenomenal, my ballet teacher is always saying to me that students are lucky to get a Pass for RAD Majors exams, she said that to me when I got my Inter last year, and she's saying it still while I'm doing my RAD Adv Foundation now.


Hope you have fun with the Advanced Foundation syllabus - it really is different to Inter! Harder yes, but it's so much more lyrical and there's a more extensive scope for putting in more of your own interpretation into your dancing.

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hi skippy,


i always like the examiners when they let me pass :P:yawn::lol: !!!


i know what you mean about the adage and pointe of adv. foundation, although i had a little trouble at first to get the end of the adage at the barre..... :) but yeah, i took my adv. foundation in may 2002 and passed (with a miracle-result....distinction)!!! my goals are now set on advanced 2, but i think that will take a little more time than my adv. foundation and my adv. 1 (it took me a year for each of the two levels..... :unsure: )


by the way, everyone loves to continue after intermediate, mostly everyone is so bored and sick of it at the end :sleeping: !!!


i hope you have to fly to schiphol soon.....i would love to meet a person from balletalert!!!! after october it will get difficult, as there is probably no work for the winterseason.....probable planning to start working free-lance and then come back for next summerseason......just pm me whenever you know you'll be coming this way :thumbsup: !!!



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Coralseaa, before i type anything else i would like to wish you all the luck in the world for your exam, i am sure you will do well go in there and have fun. :D:wink::):thumbsup:


Also want to say Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me. When i heard i passed i was in Poland with my work. All i wanted to do was get on the internet and tell people how i did. I told the crew i was with but they did not quite understand how big a deal it was for me to have passed. I wanted to tell all of you as i knew you would relate to the feelings i was going through so once again Thank you all.


Bekster, i think i can start teacher training now, in the past you had to have passed it before you could anything. I will have to take my associate to teach but that is a long way off yet but at least i have made a start. One day i will get there.

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