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I have read in many places that in order to have good extentions you must have flexibility as well as strength in your stomach. If I am equally flexible to the right and left and I have enough stength in my stomach to easily lift my left leg, then how come I can hardley lift my right leg? As well I had tendonitous in my left hip last year, so if anything it would make more sense that I'd have trouble with my extention on the left side. Any theories or suggestions?

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Mandy, there is -leggedness in ballet just as there is -handedness in handwriting. The body is not exactly bilaterally symmetrical because of this factor. One side is more able, so it gets more work. I would be interested to know why you had tendinitis in the hip, and the left hip only. Any report on that?

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The tendinitis was caused by a contracture of my hip flexor. I'm not really sure exactly what caused that to happen. The turn out in my left hip has always been much tighter than in my right hip so it's possible that was a contributing factor. As well we were rehersing for a performence at that time so as rehersals got longer, classes got shorter and it's possible that I wasn't well warmed up.

Thanks for explaining the extention thing to me. It was sort of frustrating being unable to figure out why it wasn't working.

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Of course you realize that this means that you have to work consciously on giving the leg which is not favored as much work or more as the side which is. :shrug:

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