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Guest ilive2danz

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Guest ilive2danz

As a cheerleader we're told to be very stiff while doing are cheers. Will this effect my dancing since in dancing your supposed to be relaxed? Thanks in Advance!!!!

Everybody heres great! B)

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Guest tutuclouds

I dont think it would affect your dancing as long as you make sure you stay relaxed, wouldn't it be just like doing jazz, only a bit more stiff??? don't worry im sure yout ballet wont be affected, or at least it should nt be! B) rob

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Guest aeangel008

hey there....I cheered for 7 years, and quit it to start ballet 2 1/2 years ago. I thought it would affect my dancing too when i began, but it doesnt. It wasnt that hard of a transition for me...i hope it goes smoothly for you too! B)

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Cheerleading is detrimental to ballet when Parkinson's Law starts to take over. "Work expands to fill all available time"; this dictum works out badly when practices and games start to eat into class and rehearsal time. I wouldn't worry about being told to "be stiff". That's non-dancer talk for "pull up".

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There are going to be some people on this board who may be quite surprised at this, but, I was a cheerleader throughout 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. B) After that, however, it no longer fit into my ballet schedule. Not quite sure how I managed it the first three years! :) But, it was a fun experience, and did not seem to hurt anything.


I will add this, though, and that is when I was doing it they were not doing some of the extreme acrobatic things I see today, which could be a bit more dangerous in terms of injury potential.

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