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Can't Remember the Name...

Guest a bee blu 426

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Guest a bee blu 426

During summer camp, we did a jump across the floor that id really like to work on this year in my classes. however, i can't remember the name of the step. and yes, if youre wondering, i did try to find it on the abt dictionary. :)


when going to the right, the jump consisted of stepping with the left foot, then jumping while brushing the right leg forwards into the air, then bringing the left leg up to meet the right, then bringing the left foot back down to the floor, landing in plie with the right leg still extended in front.



hopefully someone could give me the name of the step based on this description. thanks in advance!



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When the left comes up to meet the right, is there a beat? If so, it would be a cabriole. If not, I'm not sure what it is! B)

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Guest a bee blu 426

no, there really isnt a beat, and my teacher certainly didn't call it a cabriole. o well, class is starting next week and ill have to ask her with the risk of sounding stupid.




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Without a beat, it sounds to me like the beginning cabrioles that we practice. We start out doing them without the beat, just to get the feeling, and then move on to do the beat later.

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Guest a bee blu 426

that would make sense, wouldn't it? except that we've already done regular cabrioles in class, so why recess to doing practice ones?




maybe im just imagining things?


o, and to anyone who may be reading this and can help, we land in efface, with the left arm in fifth and the right arm in second.





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That still sounds like a cabriole ouverte. Remember, a beat is not passing the feet past one another. If your leg comes off the ground to meet the raised leg, that's a beat. If the feet pass one another, you've done a pistolet, or ailes de pigeon.

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Guest a bee blu 426

well then i guess thats what it is! maybe the name just didn't register, im bad with remembering french words that way. :thumbsup:


thanks for your help everyone! :shrug:

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