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Proper Port de bras


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I have been working very hard on my port de bras....I will probably never be satisfied with it, but that is another story. :shrug: I am curious, should your middle finger be in line with your wrist, or should your other fingers be directly in line with your wrist? I am trying to get rid of the habit of making my wrists seem nearly disconnected. I'm looking for a straight , clean line. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Actually, thinking about exactly where to put fingers is what makes the hands stiff! In fact, they are not "put" anywhere. The wrists and hands should be free and relaxed, just following the line of the port de bras - which is moving from the back muscles, of course :shrug: The fluidity of the movement will be destroyed by stiff hands and wrists. The wrist is supported, but should not be held. It needs to have motion. The same with the fingers.

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