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Does Pilates Help?

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Guest a bee blu 426

ive decided that im slightly flabby :) and that it would help my dancing immensly to be in better shape for this semester. im not about to starve myself, so i started doing pilates. its reasonably low-intensity, and already ive seen an increase in strength and flexibility. it seems like the right thing to be doing to improve my body for the purpose of dance, but is it?




does anyone know anything about pilates and the effects it has on ballet? im worried about it maybe building up the wrong muscles...


i really need some sleep. :yawn::sleeping:


thanks in advance!

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Pilates is extremely beneficial for ballet, especially with a trainer who is specifically trained to work with ballet dancers.

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I've heard that it's very good ... It works on your abdominals quite a bit, which is always a plus, and it strengthens very nicely. I don't take classes, but I know a few basic exercises, and even those I've found, if I remember to do them a lot, really DO help. My upper legs are a lot more defined at the moment, which is very nice. It's worth a shot!

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I love pilates! I take it at my dance studio so one of my dance teachers is my trainer. That helps a lot because she knows what excercizes relate to in ballet and it is helpful to make that connection. It has helped me so much in balancing, back strength, and my extensions...to name a few!!! It really tones your muscles and makes it easier to make corrections because you are more aware of each specific muscle and its purpose. I would HIGHLY reccomend it to any dancer.

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Mr. Johnson is not here right now, prima, so I will answer this one.


I really feel it is best to get some training in Pilates first, and then you can do it with the videos. The exercises really need to be taught in terms of learning them very correctly in order to benefit from them.

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And I am in complete concurrence with Ms. Leigh. You must know the exercises first and then use the videos. Apparatus is a whole other matter. You ought not to be using Pilates apparatus without a trainer present.

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What if you can't afford a trainer, or a regular pilates class on top of ballet? Is it better to do Pilates with only a video (or book), or just not do it at all, because you might be doing it wrong? Maybe I should just take one pilates class so i know what it feels like? :angry:

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It's really not helpful to do anything totally without a trainer. Get two or even three classes, so that you know what you're doing, then use the videos. Ask your trainer to recommend a specific video.

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Don't sign for a month; try to get two or three individual classes. Maybe spread over time. Consult your local Yellow Pages, and call around for a deal!

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