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preparation in pirouette

Guest e1coli

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i would like to know, in a preparation for pirouette, should you plié more on your supporting foot or equal weight on both feet? i tend to turn away from the supporting foot and this causes me to be unbalance.


Also, when you relevé should your hands make a slight "V"? before closing into first?


Thank you for any sound advice.

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Firstly, placing more weight on the front foot in preparation for pirouette will discourage the loss of turnout, which is what I assume is happening when you turn. You still have to hold the turnout, but having the weight more forward will help.


Secondly, I'm not sure where or how you mean the hands form a "v". In my experience of pirouettes, the hands go right from preparatory position to first. No broken wrists or bras adorés involved.

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e1coli, I just want to clarify about your arms in pirouette preparation. Have you been taught with a straight front arm or a rounded front arm for pirouette en dehors? If you have a straight front arm, they move as Mr. Johnson said, directly to the rounded first position. If you start with a rounded front arm, it will move to second and as you go around the corner in the first turn the side arm will catch up to the first arm and you will be in the rounded first position. (The hands don't really do anything. The arms move, motivated totally by the back muscles and the turning motion of the torso :) )

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thanks for your advice.


my teacher taught me to put my arms in rounded position. however, when i relevé turn and bring my arms to a slight "V", i lose balance even before 3/4 turn.


i'm so sad, i've being practising for a long time.

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No reason to be sad, e1, just put that energy into working on the placement in 4th, and the relevé into the pirouette position to find your balance! Once you establish your center in the pirouette position, then practice 1/4 turns, maintaining that balance. Then go to 1/2 turns, and the next thing you will have a pirouette! But PLEASE don't think "v" with the arms! :angry: They come to a circle, NOT a v!

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