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Guest Cristina

I am looking for a good guide for Pilates practice @ home - both for my dd, and for myself.


Does anyone have suggestions for both a book and a video? We have both had mat classes, and sessions with reformers. However, access to these is limited because of our location. We need something we can use at home.


Thanks for insights anyone can give.



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Guest Cristina



I wanted to report back that I purchased The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler.


Her background is the fitness industry in NY. She has a wonderful perspective, and presents excellent background material to help one understand the essence of Pilates. For each individual exercise she has wonderful visualization techniques. Now it is just a matter of time to assimilate the information and hopefully make it second nature. I will report back about results. Already, I am much more aware of my alignment in my regular workouts. I always think about where my belly button is!



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