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I love to dance, and I've been told I have a pretty good future in ballet. The only thing is, we can't afford for me to go away for the summer or do ballet, period. It really stinks! Is there any organizations that give out scholarships? If so is, what?

Help!! :o:D:hyper:

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Your best bet is your own school. If you are truly talented, then there is a good chance they will give you a scholarship, or at least maybe a working scholarship, meaning that you would do something for the school in exchange for your classes.


Sometimes it is possible to get some help from local organizations, like Rotary or Lions or something like that, but it is usually not enough to totally support your training. Possibly a summer program, but unlikely for full time. Talk to your teachers.

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Guest magickaldancer

I've been told if you go to Auditions and things you can get scholarships if you dont get in. My friend got a place for free in a summer school! I think its a case of getting out there and getting yourself noticed.



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