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Guest Terin

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This might seem like a silly question, but are sandals bad for your feet? The reason I'm asking is that I practically live in sandals (including flip-flops) all summer. But I've gotten a lot of blisters, which I think are from the sandals. Could wearing sandals all the time be detrimental to my dancing? :lol:

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Where were the blisters? If they're between the toes, zori (flip-flops) may be acting as a sort of bunion spacer.

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I've heard that they can be detrimental (I think that's the right word?) to certain types of feet - not enough arch support - but I think that for most people, they are usually all right, in small doses (correct me if I'm wrong.)



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I can't wear some types of sandals (or any shoe, for that matter) because they don't have enough arch support. It didn't use to be a huge problem for me, to spend reasonable amounts of time in shoes without a support. Since my surgery, though, my knee starts feeling weird and sometimes even hurts, if I don't have support. It means that all those pairs of nice cheap Old Navy flipflops that I have can only be worn sparingly. However, there are lots of shoes out there that have enough support for me(I have a relatively low arch) and I just make sure to buy those now.

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I wear Birkenstocks. Monk-approved. If you're going to mortify the flesh, do it in style! :lol:

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Guest twinkletoad5000

I am not a big fan of any type of sandals- give me my nikes please. But I made the mistake of wearing my new flip-flops on the first day of my summer intensive walking the ten minute walk to breakfast. Man, am I stupid! Two blisters from my flip-flops on the first day!

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The good thing about Birkenstocks is that they are not dependent on a toe thong and have a cork-based insole that conforms to the foot after only a few wearings. With zori, you have that toe thong, and it's no wonder that Japanese socks (tabi) have a separate big toe.

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If they're properly fitted, I think they are. The sole conforms to your foot and actually makes a support for your arch, because it's just soft enough to take an impression, and just firm enough to hold it.

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Guest Shortie

Hello!! :)


I mostly wear sneakers (with arch supports in them) but on occasion i wear flip-flops. When i do wear flip-flops, i get blisters on the top of my feet under my big toe. When I put my ballet slippers on, because of the blister, it hurts to point my foot!! :lol: Thats why i only wear flip-flops on really hot days during the summer. :P



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Guest Aleasha Barkova

I've got a pair of Nunn Bush Sandals that I absolutely love!!! It's the heavy leather kind, and it's got plenty of arch support, a must since if I wear shoes without arch support a lot I get plantar faschitis. My mother wears birkenstocks and loves them! She's still wearing pairs that are older than I am! She also has a pair of the CUTEST Dansko dressy-ish sandals that are really supportive. I'd get a pair too if they weren't about double what I'm willing to pay for them! Then again, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Goodwill have made me pretty stingey! :)

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Truly flat feet, that is, feet with no arch, do not properly support the body's weight, and if you don't have painful feet, ankles, knees and hips, plus things wrong with your back already, just wait, they'll show up. The shoes you wear should have some sort of arch support built in, or you can buy over-the-counter readymade orthotics to help your feet, and in the worst-case scenario, have orthotic inserts made for your shoes by a podiatrist or orthopedist.

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