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Height: Tall dancers - which companies?

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I think they are a brand new company and my guess is they have chosen their dancers for the upcoming season.  The article I saw says they will announce other Company members soon.  I'm interested to see how it works out. My dd is considered tall also.

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As far as the Complexions dancers, Jillian Davis is definitely over 6 feet tall. 

Dd had contact with someone from this new company who stated they would be announcing details about things like auditions "soon."  Dd is definitely not a tall dancer though, if that is the direction that are really going in, 

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Is there any way someone could give a list of ballet companies that take/like tall girls. I'm wondering what summer intensives to look into next year. (I'm 5'8.5, skinny but athletically built, and I have good feet)

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Talldancer, unfortunately, there is not really a ‘list’ and certainly not a consistent list.  Companies change as dancers change, AD vision’s change, etc.  Go back through this thread and you will find companies that have been known to be considered “tall dancer” companies.  But, you will mostly have to continue doing your own research:  check the websites for dancer information, read articles about the dancers and the dance company, review videos of the companies, attend performances, if possible.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for finding just the right company or companies.  It is a lot of work and research. :D

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Talldancer - I second what Dancemaven has said here.  I also have a tall dd (5'10.5") and she's been looking at companies over the past several years (and has had others tell her to check out certain companies) and they do change up.  While you're researching, also take note of the companies that specify height requirements on their audition notice.  Not many do this, but some do!  As far as SI's, my advice would be to just audition for the ones you're interested in and don't think about height at all.  

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Bumping so I can stay current on this topic for my own "tall dancer".  But, a question, also - and not sure if it's in the correct place here - but, how important is it to attend a school that is attached to/affiliated with/feeds into a dance company that loves tall dancers?  For example, since I've heard Ballet West loves tall dancers, would attending Ballet West Academy make it more likely for DD to be hired into the company? 

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