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Height: Tall dancers - which companies?

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Thanks for the stats....I too saw the Bolshoi article...definitely sounds like other issues than weight or height.... the website pictures were amazing too. I'm sure she will be dancing somewhere else very soon.


I will also try "Cross talk" to see what others know.....thanks.

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I have posted on Moms and Dads but thought others here might have some knowledge. As a mom of a tall student dancer, I am trying to dig up height stats on career ballet dancers for comparative purposes - I can't seem to find this info anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know where I could find info like this -- or share knowledge of dancers 5-7 and over? Thanks in advance.

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Beautiful principal dancer in PNB, supposedly 5'11". Check out Ariana Lallone at www.pnb.org

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Tall dancers are beautiful (of course having a 5'8" daughter, I'm biased).


If your daughter tends to be on the "tall side" there will probably be some companies who will not even consider her, despite whatever attributes she may have. But there are many, many companies where the corps is more diverse.


My daughter realized earlyon that she'll never be a Clara, or a Little Swan, but she was a beautiful Siren, an incredible Emerald, and there is something heart-stopping about seeing a tall willowy dancer being lifted and swooped into a dive.

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Tendumom, I don't know how true this is but I've heard for many years that the European ballet companies have more tall female dancers than the American ones. Anecdotally I know that to be true. All 6 female dancers I know who joined a European company are 5'8" and over. It sure would be nice to find those company height statistics somewhere rather hear of this or that individual dancer.

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Agnès Letestu (principal of the Paris Opera Ballet) is quite tall, I think about 175 cm (about 5' 9''). Marie-Agnès Gillot ("première danseuse" of the POB, first soloist) has approximately the same height. It can be a problem for them as there are not many male dancers tall enough to partner them- but Letestu's main partner is José Martinez, who's also her husband, and who is very tall.

Delphine Baey, who used to be a POB soloist and now is a soloist of the Ballet de Marseille, has approximately the same height (actually her and Gillot often were cast in the same roles, for example the Queen in Jerome Robbins' "The Cage").


I think that Muriel Maffre of the San Francisco Ballet is quite tall too.

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Maria Kowroski is quite tall, about 6' on pointe. She (and we) are lucky to have Askegard at NYCB. Kowroski also has been partnered by Philip Neal and Damian Woetzel. Jason Fowler and Stephen Hanna are corps dancers who have recently danced with Kowroski. Before he left, Igor Zelensky, who is 6'2", often danced with Kowroski. I always felt Zelensky's departure effected Monique Meunier's status as they were often paired together. Zelensky has partnered a bunch of tall ballerinas, including Bussell, and even seemed to enjoy it, but it most likely led to his recent back injury which required surgery.


Balanchine loved tall dancers and made many parts for them. Patricia Barker at PNB also is considered tall. Other tall dancers include Michele Wiles and Veronika Part at ABT, Maffre at SFB and Kyra Nichols at NYCB. Even with Farrell and Calagari in the company, Nichols was considered the tallest at that time during the late 70s and early 80s.


The Kirov has Lopatkina and Gumerova.

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Hi everyone,


Is being too tall worse than being too small? My daughter has the other problem, she seems too short. I know that BB like small dancers, but whom else? Also, how short is too short. I've read on previous threads that ballet is changing and that companies are diversified now. However, it seems the stigma is still there. For example Ballet West even has posted on their audition web page, in the past that their ballerinas have to be at least 5'5. So, what is truely an acceptable height and what is the average size of a ballerina. Also, what is the shortest dancer at ABT? Thanks all. :lol:

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So much depends on the complement of male dancers. Miami City Ballet is what I would consider to be on the short-side of the scale. When Sally Ann Isaacs (now at Maximum Dance Company) was a principle there, she seemed to loom over the corps. I was stunned to see her offstage; she's probably 5'4", no more than 5'5".

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