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Height: Tall dancers - which companies?

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Hm...well I know she danced with Danila Korsuntsev, who is extremely tall--I'd guess over 6 ft, and she seemed very tall in person. But she was wearing heels and I was sitting down, so I can't be quite sure.

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Tina LeBlanc is 5'1". Muriel Maffree is 5'10". They are both in San Francisco Ballet. It all depends on the dancer, the company and the artistic director.

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I too had read about Ballet West. They got a new director who did not renew anyones contracts who were under 5'6" and does not hire anyone under that height either. The article was either in my dd's Pointe mag or Dance mag awhile back. She started to get very worried because the article was about how the trend in ballet is looking more towards tall girls who look like runway models (or something to that effect). My dd is 14 and 5'2" right now but is predicted to be about 5'4". I've told her not to worry, with feet like hers, she's got to be tall enough when she's on pointe! :rolleyes:

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your like my ballet kindred spirit. My daughter is facing the same problem at the same age. But there good news, there are co. that do accept small dancers. For example, the Boston Ballet, they are very short. My daughters SI friend from BB said the tallest dancer there is about 5'5. The rest are really short. Plus ABT is very diverse. My DD was accepted there for the NYC SI program. So have hope. I do.


I will keep posting so I receive my PM from you. :rolleyes:

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It may surprise you that in some companies both small and tall are desired. Casting is routinely done with two or three casts. At least one cast will be short dancers and the other cast tall dancers.

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My dd is 14 and 5'2" right now but is predicted to be about 5'4".

Ahhh, if only we could travel into the future and measure our full-grown daughters! :wink:

My dd is 11 and about 4'10" which is WAY shorter than I was at the same age. Very surprising, since her dad is 6'2"! I topped out at 5'7" around age 15, so I figure this puts her adult height somewhere between 5'6" if she stays close to average and 5'11" if she takes after her aunt. :D Sound about right? LOL

Aargh, math makes my head hurt!

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It is so nice to hear something possitive about shorter dancers.


My dd is also small at 12 yrs and only 4' 10" . She also has a tall father (6' 2")

and I am 5" 5" . The doctors predictions of height just swim around in my head constantly. I have never been good at waiting, so, this is driving me nuts.


What I am wondering is since the above named companies like smaller dancers do you think that they would take smaller students in their SI's. ?

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Please don't take this wrong...I don't mean to sound harsh, but after reading all of the posts, and considering my own minor obsession with my dd's height, I have come to the realization that no matter how much we worry, there is nothing we can do but wait and see. In the meantime, getting our dd's the absolute best training we possibly can and supporting them, no matter how tall/short they are is the best support we can give them. I am sure there are some companies that lean towards smaller/taller dancers, but I believe in the long run it will be thier technique and training that wins them that coveted spot in a company. :wink:

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Wise advice, Redstorm.


What I am wondering is if dance training itself may slow growth, as happens with gymnasts. How intensive would the training need to be for this to happen? In addition to what I have read here, I have noticed in our studio that dancers with tall parents don't always seem especially tall themselves. It's hard to imagine that dance could have such an effect, but does anyone know for certain?

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Dear Redstorm, you are absolutely right, of course, but it eases my soul a bit to know that other people do worry (obsess?) about things like I do. Dare I say that we are normal people? :wink:

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I also have one of those petite 12 year olds. From time to time she gets annoyed with her height...but not really from a dance perspective. She's now the shortest of all her cousins - and she's a good 2 to 3 years older than 3 of them. What happens is that grandma and grandpa, who don't see us often enough, seem to forget her age. They assume that she's the youngest because she's the smallest. :blink:


On the other hand, my young nephew (who's about 9) is a hockey player and very HAPPY to be tall. Another tall nephew is finding that (at age 14) all KINDS of girls are looking at him, and he is really enjoying this high school stuff, thank you very much. :thumbsup: Now, if only we could get him to dance....hmm....


My own kids will just have to wait and see, but chances are they will continue being the shortest of the 19 cousins.

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