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Height: Tall dancers - which companies?

Guest fille'smom

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Hello. :D I know that there have been previous topics posted concerning height in ballet companies, but I don't recall any smaller regional companies being mentioned in the discussion. :shrug: I am currently in my senior year of high school. I have already applied to numerous colleges. Three of the colleges I have applied to have reputable ballet programs. The majority of the colleges I applied to do not offer ballet, but they are in major cities that offer a variety of opportunities to take class. I have applied to numerous colleges so I don't "put all of my eggs" into the ballet basket. I am well aware that those who succeed in the ballet world are few. I understand the reality that I am very tall for a ballet dancer (5'10 :D ), but I would love to perform with a small regional company. I know that there are major ballet companies, such as PNB and Ballet West, with taller dancers. However, I feel these companies are out of my league at the present time as there are so many talented dancers in this country. I am planning on auditioning for Ballet West since they have formed a second company. I am planning on auditioning for smaller ballet and contemporary ballet companies that will hopefully not focus solely on the fact that I am very tall. I was wondering if anyone had any information on smaller companies with taller dancers that I could add to my list of auditions to attend. Also, I have e-mailed some of the companies and asked for audition dates. They have responded, but there was no mention of height requirements. If a company has no height requirements would it be alright to audition for? If anyone could provide me with information concerning smaller companies with taller dancers I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Sorry if it was hard to follow. :blushing: Thank you!!! :D

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My daughter went through the same process last year. She is a little over 5'10". She auditioned for any company that didn't email her "no" after seeing her height on her resume. It never hurts to be seen.


Some companies that appeared to not care about height: Tulsa, Lines, Sacramento, Ballet West. Sorry, but she didn't audition for any other regional ones.


She was hired as the only Ballet West apprentice last year & loves it there. She has friends in BW II & they told her that they get a lot of performing experience with the company & at various outreach locations. I would make it a point to audition there...it's a great place & the AD loves tall girls. Good luck!

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Hey Christine --


You may want to check out Miro, a new company formed in Philly

by Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein. (They used the name "Miro"

in part because it combined the two first letters of their last names).


I have not seen their work, but I saw Amanda Miller perform often

with Phrenic New Ballet. She's an amazing dancer, and (like you)

"vertically endowed".


Here's their new web site.... good luck!



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Thank you so much for the suggestions everyone! :thumbsup: I greatly appreciate your help and advice.

DreadPirateRoberts-I actually had the opportunity to have a personal discussion with Amanda Miller about being a tall dancer. She is a phenomenal dancer and her company seems to be thriving! :blink: Currently, her company is very small and is mainly composed of professional dancers. Maybe if i can get a few years of experience I could look into it more. Thank you for the suggestion and the link!

PNBmom-I have some friends at the school of Ballet West and have nothing but positive things to say about the company. I am going to give it a shot, but I am certainly not expecting anything as they are an amazing company. I am glad your daughter is having such a positive experience at Ballet West. That is so encouraging that there are other tall dancers out there. Thank you for your advice!

Thank you everyone! I appreciate your help! :)

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Posted by Dance Scholar of London today at 3:44pm

In case you are interested in a European company. The is the Welsh Ballet which has a variety of heights in their company. It is a touring company and I have seen them performing the Sleeping Beauty which was beautiful. They had tall girls and short(ish) guys but everybody had a good technique and they worked well together  :)
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Dance Scholar of London-thank you very much for your suggestion of the Welsh Ballet! You are actually not the first to recommend auditioning for a European company. Apparently, they have taller dancers over there than they do here in America. Maybe in few years auditioning overseas would be an option. Thank you! :thumbsup:

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The "tall" dancers are definitely in the West. I have heard (probably a rumor) that Pacific Northwest Ballet only auditions kids over 5'6". I am almost 5'9", so I am always paying attention to posts like these, since I am tall yet would like a professinal career.

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DS auditioned for Boston Ballet last weekend and both the males and females that were selected were very tall and lanky.

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Just want to add that I just saw a Cirque du Solei show called Masquarade, (I think). There were a number of cast members that appeared to be classically trained ballet dancers. One in particular was so remarkable, I kept wondering why she wasn't in a company somewhere. She was amazing to watch. Really beautiful!


As they came forward for their final bow, I realized she appeared taller than most the men and is probably 6 feet. Maybe more. I thought it was wonderful that she has found a job peforming and putting all those years of training to good use. She was a fabulous addition to the show. :yes:

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That's wonderful to hear!! I'm almost 5'11, and I am going through the same thing!! It's great to hear that professional companies are finally looking for taller girls!

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saw a Cirque du Solei show called Masquarade

A job with Cirque is a very well paying job in the US. The dancers make about as much as first year corps at an NY AGMA company. It is also quite interesting artistically! :)


Also since Cirque works internationally there may be opportunity for travel to exciting places.

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Well, after daughter's audition this weekend, I know you can add Aspen Santa Fe Ballet to your list of small companies who like tall dancers. :lol:

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Guest abstractlines

The Garth Fagan Dance Company(Rochester, NY Mr Fagan Choreographed Lion King on Broadway--Tony award) loves REALLY tall women...I was a scholarship student there and I am 6'1'' Another company member was 6' and others were like 5'8''+


Bill T Jones/Arnie Zayne also likes a huge variety of body shapes and sizes...


Both are modern companies that require strong ballet.

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