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I don't understand :(

Guest HPDancer234

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Guest HPDancer234

I know that there are so many disappointments in the ballet world(yes, I've handled quite a few of them already) but I am deeply affected by this..

It appears that everyone at my studio/company each got like a few roles in an uncoming production.. Everyone except me :pinch: Heres where I am highly surprised: I don't want to seem full of myself but this is true. One girl who got multiple roles is NOT nearly as good as me(PLEASE don't blame me for being full of myself.. But I can't stand being overly modest) I mean, she can't point her foot or even lift her leg past 45 degrees.

Why then, was I left out?? I am so heart-broken.. I came home crying yesterday and came home early from school today because of this. Why couldn't they have given me one of those roles? It seems highly odd that everyone has on average, at least 2 parts.. I hate being the odd-man out.. especially in something I put so much effort into. I work so hard in class, practice nearly every night for an hour, have been keeping up with a pilates program.. It HURTS so bad when people just overlook you.

My mom & grandma, who are both former ballet dancers, think it may have something to do with how much money we have. The company is desperate for money.. so that may be it. They think they put the richer kids in all these roles just in hopes of getting a hefty donation from their wealthy parents...

I am definitely convinced that, if things don't improve and they don't see me and my dedicated love of ballet, I will switch studios.



What is your opinion of this :P ?

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Hello! Don't worry you aren't alone! :P Most people experience this at some "pointe" as a student at a studio. I certainly am one to get very frustrated and heart-broken when this happens. I am also horrible at hiding my emotions so it affects my dancing (definitely not good :pinch: ). I begin to feel like my dancing is not what I thought it was. So what I would try to do is to put as much effort as possible into your classes and prove to your teacher that you have what it takes. The case may just be that the teacher wants to put other dancers out in the spotlight. Maybe the teacher wants to give students who aren't always the lead a chance to shine. This is what my teacher does and it often leaves the dancers that are always getting the leads baffled. I know that it is tough, but hang in there. :wink: GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know how it works out. :wink:

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Hi, HPDancer234, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :pinch:


Here's another angle: Well, that's show business.


Don't be too depressed with it. Sometimes in REAL shows, the producers and directors don't have any reason for doing casting a certain way, they just do it! In a community or studio performance, however, this can be demoralizing. If indeed what you think is going on, IS going on, then out with you. Away to a more ethical school and one with higher standards than a pocketbook!

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