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My left knee isn't nearly as strong as my right (my left had the surgery). When I'm off pointe, I'm generally fine, though it sometimes gives me some problems that mean I can't jump or turn on a given day. However, on pointe, I am pretty much unable to do anything that involves a one legged releve on the left. The right is hard too, just because I'm only beginning to work on pointe again and I still need to gain strength, but my left is impossible. I'm going to start PT again soon, once I know my entire schedule for school and dance, but what can I do in class (or outside) to help strengthen my knee and thus strengthen my pointework. Are there things I should keep my eyes out for, and things I should really concentrate on? How about just doing a few sets of releves at the barre for a while? And how many sets would I want to do, assuming 8 to a set?


Thanks, Dolphingirl

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Dolphingirl, with the amount of work you had on that knee, and the amount of time you were off, it's going to take a long time to get that strength back. Patience :pinch: In addition to PT, which I would think is working on your quad strength, if you can do a lot of relevés at the barre, that would be good. When you put on your pointe shoes, start with relevés on two feet, do some simple things like piqués and pas de bourrées, and then start with relevés from two feet to one. When that is working, go to one foot relevés. Start with just a few at a time, and try to add one or two more each day. I know this sounds tedious, and it will be, but that is what it takes after the kind of injury you had.

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