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Wondering if I Improved

Guest Shortie

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Guest Shortie

I'm not sure if I improved over the summer. I attended one SI for two weeks and then a four week SI. The first program was mainly consentrating on technique and the second program consentrated on strength, flexibility and performance quality.


The reason I started this topic is because I'm not sure I improved. I started ballet classes this week. I am repeating the same level that I was in last year. I have the same teacher I had last year and love her!!! :wink: I have had four classes so far this week. My teacher gives me many corrections but they are the same corrections I had last year. I focused on those same corrections thoughout the summer. :shrug: I feel as though I have not made any progress. My teacher told me I am stronger and more flexible :pinch: but I feel as though my technique has not excellerated to the degree I had hoped that my teacher would agree with. :P


My next class is Monday, should I go to my teacher after class and ask her if I have improved this summer? :shrug:


I just turned 13 in August and am wondering if part of what I am feeling is do to the fact that my body is changing rapidly and my brain is telling me I can do things but my body does not respond to what my brain is telling me to do. :wink:

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Shortie, there are two things going on here. One is your changing body, and the other is that it very often takes a while for the changes in technique to be evident. I'm sure you improved this summer! With 6 weeks of intensive, it would be really hard not to improve :D Give yourself a little time, it will all come together. B)

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There's a third thing, too. I'm going to move this thread into YD13 so that it doesn't get lost in the general forum headlines.

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Guest Shortie

Thank you Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson for your advice. B)


I was really feeling down that i had worked so hard this summer and felt that i had not improved. :D She does compliment me but she corrects me more than any one else in my class. :shrug: It feels that i'm not doing any thing right. :dry:


I appreciate your comments and will to go into class on monday and try to have a more positive out look. :D

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Guest Firebird3000

Getting alot of criticism is a good thing in ballet class. It means your teacher thinks your good enough and will actually work on the correction. For me, when I don't get much criticism I feel that I haven't worked hard enough. But compliments aren't bad either!

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Guest Shortie

Thank you for your advice!!! :yawn:


I know that getting corrections is a good thing, but i just felt that after six weeks of SI i hadn't impoved. I was getting the same corrections as the year before (i am repeating the same level) and i felt that i hadn't conquered what i had hoped to have by the end of the summer. :) I now feel more confident in myself!! :P Thank you again for all of your advice and will take all of it to heart!! :lol:


Thank you again!!!


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You know, if you've had any break at all that could play in at least initially. I've had two breaks this summer between two intensives and the school year, and every time I come back I feel terrible, but it soon improves. You have to get back into the routine of things, and the muscle strength and coordination. Good luck!


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