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Resumes: How to Write an Effective Dance Resume


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Someone just showed me this website today. It's a wonderful resource for our resume-writing children. I know that quite a few of us on this board have kids at that stage in life so I thought it would be timely to post the link:


Tell your dancing daughters and sons to go to

Dance Resumes

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You're welcome, folks.


Alexandra posted the following link on the Issues & Answers Forum in a thread titled "Male/Female Balance". (Great thread, BTW. You should take a look.) I thought it would make a nice companion website for any dancers preparing their resumes.


Ballet Companies


It has a listing of dance companies, not just ballet, throughout the world, and you can click on any of them to link to the company itself. Very handy for any dancer looking up companies.

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I am in the midst of the college application process, and I have been asked to do submit a Resume of my dance experience. I have a normal resume that includes dance as well as other school related clubs, work experience, theater, leadership roles, and academic awards. Should I make a seperate one that is just about dance? What should the format be? How much detail should I include? Any help at all would be wonderful!

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I think that for college applications you want everything on one resume. They are interested in all of the academics and other things you have done, as well as the ballet. If you are sending it specifically to a dance dept., and not for college admission but just for dance, then a separate one would probably be okay, but the same one should work for both.

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The school asked specifically for a dance resume, so I think I will just send them my regular one, with an extended section on dance, providing more details. That website is very helpful, as well, nlkflint! Thank you! I have one other quesiton, though. In that article, it seemed like the author suggested writing it in the form of a letter rahter than a list. I have been instructed to organize my regualr resume into bullet points, under different headings. Can I do the dance one the same way?

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Hi, All,


I'm hoping someone can please advise me how to put together a professional resume to be used when auditioning for companies. What information should be included, how many and what kind and size of photos? Also, is it a good idea to always wear a black leotard if no other instructions are given, or is it better to try and be noticed by wearing a different color?


Many thanks!! :D

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I've taken the liberty of copying Tango49's very helpful post from another thread to add on to this one because not only is it very helpful but she refers to the website that vagansmom has so nicely supplied. :D



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I've been working on my son's resume over the past few months...and have followed Eric Wolfrom's very helpful suggestions. With the help of a great cyber friend and many revisions I think the end result looks very professional and concise. These are the headings that I used:

Cover letter with full address of dancer as well as the name and address of the person you're writing to. Paragraphs should include an introduction, what you feel you can contribute to the company ( outstanding abilities) and 1 or 2 of your outstanding achievements, your desire for employment and where you can be reached (phone).

Resume: Your name and address centered at the top (can be bold print)

Headings I used are (bold type): Vital Statistics (Age Height and weight), Awards and Achievements, Recent Professional Contract Offers (if any), Featured Roles, Education and Training, Teachers( school names also) , References.

I agree that the resume itself should be on one page but mine was abit longer but not by much. It was abit difficult at first as I haven't written a resume since H.S but with each revision I was able to make it more concise leaving in only the most important information and leaving out the less important . I hope this will help and Good Luck! Tango

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And here is another post geared towards students who are looking for their first company job:


Mar 19 2003, 08:29 PM


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Start with your training, including the teachers, then performance experience. List the ballets and the roles, and the company you danced with. Then list any awards or honors you have, or scholarships, and the summer programs you attended. The resumé for a student dancer is not expected to be very long. Just make it neat and complete. At the top should be your name, address and all contact numbers. You should also list vital statistics such as birthdate, height and weight.





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*****Another thread that is more recent in nature on the same topic: professional resume, colored leotard? :D

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Musicgal23, as to leotard, I think that if there is no particular specification, which there usually isn't for a company audition, then you should wear whatever color you feel best in, whether it is black or some other color. As long as it's not shocking pink or something with glitz all over it! :D

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Wear a color. For the people auditioning it is much easier to discuss and remember you afterwards.


As for resumes, the most imporant information for students looking for their first job is where you have trained and whether you were on scholarship. That should be first. any performance experience should be next.


Keep in mind that most auditioners will look at you resume a total of about 30 seconds so make sure it is clear and easy to read.


Pictures should include at the very least a headshot and one full body shot. Everything else is frosting.

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For the actual audition, pink or black tights, or does it matter. I remember my first pro audition and i saw a little bit of everything. I wore classic black and pink, but must confess i would have felt better in all black :sweating: Perhaps i feel thinner in black, but i also think it doesn't break up the body quite like pink does...

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Something to think about: Most company directors are as old as your mom and dad. Also many prefer the traditional dancewear. This is a job interview, dress accordingly.

Colorful leotards are usually fine. If you know the director's favorite color, all the better. But , I would not take the chance of wearing a daring new style. It would be safer to wear pink tights instead of black also since more traditional.


It is usually best to have an 8x10 photo. A composite photo of a head shot and a few dance shots is often used. Make sure your name is clearly listed on the front. On the back of the photo attach your resume with rubber cement. (It doesn't clump up under the paper). Your resume should include your name, address and phone number so they can contact you. Also include your training and performing experience. If you have performed roles in well known numbers be sure to include them.

If you have additional talents that would compliment your dance experiene add it at the bottom of the resume. (Can you tap, sing, etc) I also usually add that they have graduated from High School and date of birth.

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For more on this topic in depth, you could try finding "The Dancer's Book of Ballet," by Angela Whitehill and William Noble. Ms. Whitehill talks all about getting into and working in a company.


Just my two cents :sweating:

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Something that I know that I have posted before but might be worth repeating, I think--List clearly any performances you have done of well-known choreographers. I think that dancers are often anxious to list numbers they have done leads, often pieces by someone not well known. Directors are often looking for someone who has experience in their company's rep. Even if you have "only" been in the corps of a well-known ballet number , list it prominently. After all, you are going to be an entry level dancer and will be doing corps numbers for a while. Dancing with a corps is valuable experience.

Last year my youngest was doing company auditions. After one of the auditions, the director called her into his office and sat there and read each one of her listed performances out loud with obvious appreciation. She was hired and feels very much at home because she is doing numbers she has danced before. She is doing new ones also, but having danced some of the company's rep before certainly seemed to help her get hired.

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