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B) I get very nervous whenever I'm doing any type of audition or a master class... for levels or a summer program... I tend to shake and get really cold. It's hard for me to do as well in a class when I'm nervous. Is there anything to help?
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DD, while that is not terribly unusual, it is certainly not a good thing. There are a few things that can help, but you will need to work on this. First of all, a lack of confidence creates nervousness, therefore, getting yourself to the point of readiness for events such as performances and auditions is critical. You have to believe that you can do what is expected and do it well. If this happens in class regularly, then there is no reason why it would not happen in auditions. They are just classes, after all :D


Another thing to remember is that no one expects the technique of young students to be perfect. They are looking for potential, a positive attitude, energy, and a love and joy in dance that shows through. I think dancers think that every step or movement must be perfect at 13 or something, and of course that is just not at all the case. It takes far more years to create a professional dancer, and even they are not "perfect"! :dry: Seriously, it's true. They take class every day of their lives, and it's not just to warm up. They must improve constantly, just as teachers keep learning constantly.


So, take the pressure off! Stop trying too hard and just dance! I know, that sounds ridiculous, but really, what I love to see in auditions is someone who loves to dance and who loves to work! Those who react positively to corrections and try it right there at that moment. Even if they don't get it right away, the attempt is what matters. The willingness to try, and to try without getting upset. Put the energy into doing, not into being upset with yourself, which is a total waste of time!


A few other things which can help are to be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, and go in feeling good. Warm up well before the class or audition or performance. Get everything working. KNOW that you are there and ready to go!


One more thing......when you are happy, and smiling and enjoying what you are doing, there is never any excess tension in the body. B)

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Thank you B) I will definitely try all... we had a guest do a master class today and I don't think I did so well because I recieved no correction. It seemed as though I wasn't even there, I would prefer even a little correction as opposed to none.

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Whenever I'm in an audition, I don't exactly pretend I'm in a normal class, but I do try to not worry too much if I make a mistake. I actually concentrate a lot more, and really try to focus. I don't push to improve my dancing ability in an audition the way I do in a normal class. Instead I focus on applying the technique I already have to the combinations they give us. :D

Whenever I mess up in an audition, I try to just forget about it. I figure if I keep thinking about that, I'll only mess up more. And i think that's true for anyone. You probably already do that, but I just thought I'd share. B)

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Guest Shortie

Hi every one!! :)


When i am in an audition i get very nervous too. :sweating: Instead of my body getting tense so that it shows through in my face, my nervousness goes to my muscels. My muscles work extra hard. In the center, if we had to do a develope, i wouldn't fall over because my muscles would be tense. :lol: Although though im not sure, i try to keep a pleasant expresion on my face. :yawn: When the audition is over, i usually come out feeling good about it. :P Sometimes i do forget that the people holding the audition are there.... except when we are learning the combination. It took me a while to figure this out, because many times i used to walk out of an audition not feeling good about myself. :crying:I dont really know why, but i think i do better at auditions then in class. :thumbsup:


Good luck in future auditions!! :thumbsup:



P.S. I also warm up to stretch my muscles out because sometimes, during the audition, my muscles work so hard they REALLY ache the next day. :unsure: i also stretch to transfer my nervousness to my muscles!! :sleeping:

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I've always been a really nervous person, and I always get really nervous before auditions, master classes and sometimes performances. What usually happens for me is that my legs get really shaky, and my stomach goes crazy, sometimes to the point where I think I might throw up. Usually it's not that bad though. Usually I'm just so shaky that I don't feel like I can balance or anything. I also get really dry mouthed, which I can solve by taking sips of water between exercises, but I can't always do that if I can't keep a water bottle at the barre. But I usually dance better than normal, and everything comes out feeling really really good. The only thing is, sometimes when I perform, my mouth gets so dry during the dance that when I come off stage, my lips are stuck to my teeth and I can't swallow until I get water!

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Just imagine that your audience, be it one or a thousand, as just being there stark naked. President Eisenhower used this method; it serves to explain why he could grin and chuckle so much.

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