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Recieved technique shoes, Now what?

Guest DancingBoi

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Guest DancingBoi

Okay, since this is my first post I won't actually get to my question but will instead tell you a little about myself. I have had a few years of dance in high school but never had formal training but now that I am away at college i do plan to participate in dance, specifically ballet and tap. I did order some ballet shoes and i have them but i wasn't sure what to do about the elastics. they are sansha and they have two straps attached at the back. obviously it looks as though i have some sewing to do but i don't know where or how :) any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

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Put the shoes on, tighten the drawstring slightly to make sure that the shoes don't gap along the throat (the open top) of the shoe, then run the elastics across the area at the front of the ankle and the back of the instep. They may be crossed or uncrossed, as you feel comfortable. Stitch the ends of the elastics through the bottom of the drawstring channel, and tuck in the drawstrings at the front of the shoe and you're in.


And welcome to the Men's Forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :)

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