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I dont get it...

Guest dance4life87

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Guest dance4life87

Okay, for the last like 3- 4 months my pirouettes have been pretty good doubles no leaning falling or anything which used to always happene in the beginning of last year. Then all of a suden a few days ago they werent good at all... Im so confused because I thought I had them under control and my teachers all say that Im a good turner and have the right feel for turns... Why does this happen? I happens every once in a great while...

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My dance teachers say that, even for professional dancers, pirouettes are the thing where your ability varies most. :) But disregarding that, even the best dancers have bad days. No dancer is perfect; we just all try to be. :D The best you can do is just do your best, even on the bad days.

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We all go through phases, where different things cause us different problems, and then go away. Margot Fonteyn used to have trouble with fouett├ęs, which were never her strongest point anyway, until a partner called out to her, "Left shoulder front!" Then she was fine for the rest of her career.

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Guest ballet princess

I know what you mean. Like Major Mel said, we go through what you can call phases. I have the same problem as you dance4life87. It happens to everyone sometimes, we all have our bad turning days. :party: In the mean time, just work on them and I'm sure they will come back to you! :)

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