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I'm kind of back...


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Hi again!


Well, I do lots of acting and recently (uh...3 years ago?) I restarted ballet. I'm almost 16 and I'd really like to "get in" to ballet again. I had to stop over the last 3-4 months because I had school exams and the school play.

However, I dont have any more exams for aoround 2 months (and they are HUGE) and I've got a job (10 hours a week) So I think I can do more classes. I can pay for them and get there (my parents dont like it but its my choice) but I'm now horribly out of shape and my teacher says I'll probably never go on pointe cause I started so late. Also, ballet schools in NZ are less...accomodating for older beginners. I'm only around a pre elementary level.

I was wondering if any one had any idea on possible options? I could change schools but it means I lose my free pilates class and there isnt that much to choose from in Auckland for older (well....teen) beginners.

I realise you probably have no idea what I'm asking but I'd be interested in any comments....





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Emily, first welcome back. Second, almost 16 is not quite over the hill yet! :wub: And third, all of the training in dance will only help you with whatever you do, especially if it is something like acting! :yes:

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