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how do you prefer the head in a fish lift? i always do them looking out over the arm, but the pictures from last years nutcracker look odd. granted they are at an unforgiving angle, but i was wondering if it would be better for me to look back at the guy. there is an old picture hanging in our studio like this, and it looks very nice, but it seems difficult to 'perfect' the angle and expression. what is your opinion?

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Everything here depends on the ballet master. If s/he says "first arabesque", then do that. If it's "look out at the audience", do that, if it's "look straight up", then that (at least as best you can). My own preference would have to vary with the ballerina with whom I work. Under most circumstances, the pas de poisson that ends the "Sleeping Beauty" adage looks best with both dancers looking at the audience at the last note, where the danseur takes his arms away, and she's just suspended by her own arabesque line.

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this one is with the arms in third, and he never really specifies. it isnt looking out to the audience i am sure, but ill ask.

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