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Here's a story from today's Guardian I thought might interest some of you:


Tutu much fun


Janie Hampton decided to take up ballet - at 46


Thursday September 11, 2003

The Guardian


Five years ago, at the age of 46, I took up ballet. When I read that our local adult education class ran ballet for adult beginners, I realised that my childhood dream could at last come true. I had been thrown out of ballet when I was six after only three weeks - my teacher Vera said I had knock-knees.


My new teacher, Celia, is quite different from Vera. None of us have knock-knees - or if we do she does not draw attention to them. She gives us almost nothing but praise. To hear her say, "That's a fine grand battement, Janie. Well done," is like a pint of ambrosia to the soul. And when she then goes on to suggest, "Just try and lift the inside thigh up a little higher," I really want to please her. I even try and keep my tongue in when concentrating on a particularly tricky port de bras with elan.

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Very cute story (I read the whole thing from the link you posted), not too silly, smarmy or serious. It's clear that this class has a nice balance of humor and dignity.

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