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Under Thigh Strength


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Ballet classes :wink: Seriously. Ballet taught and done correctly should work all the muscles that you need worked in order to dance. However, if additional work is needed, then some floor stretches, just the basic stuff that everyone knows, and of course Pilates is good for everything.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

I guess I have the same problem. I do ballet, but I just always seem to be using every other muscle in my leg other than my underneath thigh. (especially in develope) After reading Ms.Leigh's post though, I will start to do pilates again, and see if that will work. ( I used to do pilates at my winter intensive, but now I have become lazy and can't be bothered to do them!)


Love always,

-Erin xoxox

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Guest a bee blu 426

let me just emphasize:



ive been doing an hour workout of pilates every other day for several weeks now, and i no longer have any fat under my thighs.


developpes and degages (sp?) and everything a la seconde is sooo much easier.




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