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Adult Ballet Classes - South Africa


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Hi, if there is anyone from SA who knows of adult classes in the Gauteng area PLEASE let me know, know matter what style, as teachers giving adult classes are scarce her in SA.




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They are actually more common than you think.


Karen Beukes and Iain MacDonald (South African Ballet Theatre) give adult classes. The only downside is that they are in Pretoria.


Try www.rad.org.za. You'll find quite a few teachers offering adult classes.


Otherwise, there is an adult class at Le'gal in Rosebank on Wednesday evening at 7:30.


My other classes are with teenagers.


And, of course, there is a possibility that Anti will be adding another adult class at 7:30 on a Tuesday evening (in fact, I'm counting on this as I am giving up the Le'gal class).


Don't feel too down-hearted. It takes a bit of phoning around before you find a good adult class, but they are out there.


Tell me, didn't you do classes with Passie?



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To Rio


Thanks for the information.


I've got a Wednesday class with Liz not Passie, Passie usually gives the class with her. It is a nice class but becuase of my shifts a miss 2 classes a month. I know about the classes offered by the SABT but as you said it is in Pretoria and a bit to far for me. Would like to learn RAD or and other style from scratch even if it is with teenagers. The only teacher I could find is a lady by the name of Hestie I think it was and she is also in Pretoria unforuniatly, she teaches her students from scratch and prepare them for exams if they want to do it. I do enjoy Anti's class very musch even if it is the higher grades for the ladies but it would be alot easier if you know the lower grades aswell. Do not have natural talent for dance and only doing it as a hobby but still would like to learn it properly.


I also no about rad.org.za and know about lots of phoning..lol. The rad homepage was not very usefull. The few teacher I did found where'nt interested in beginners they are only interested in people with exeperience. I might be wrong but I jsut got the feeling that alot of these teachers wants female students only aswell ( this was not directly told to me by aby one ) but I jsut got that feeling aswell do not know way but got that feeling though.


Thanks again for the info.


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