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I know a few of you parents have sons or daughters who are graduating from high school very soon. Just curious about their plans for post graduation - how many are going to college and where? How many are joining companies, taking a year off to travel, etc.? Love to hear their plans!

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Amethyst, I would love to start off this thread. My son will be graduating in May and will be taking one more year to study and perfect his skills. He will be in N.Y. this weekend as a participant in YAGP and 'hopes' to recieve an offer or scholarship to a school (hopefully connected to a major company). College will be put on hold for awhile while he pursues his dream... Some private auditions will be next if need be but definately one more year to apprentice and/or study... Ofcourse a wonderful company offer could change it all but he would be happy to be a student for one more year as long as the opportunity to perform are there, something he couldn't do without!

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At her current pace (correspondance courses) , mine will be graduating in August... or September. She is also planning on another year of dance study, and then hitting the college appl's and auditions circuit.

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Guest Solballets Mom

Mine as I've previously stated has been accepted and plans to attend The Boston Conservatory. Her application and pursuit was a bit of an unexpected surprise. She is officially graduating in May, but finished her studies in December. This allowed her the opportunity to really get out on the circuit and audition fairly heavily for company placement. No serious offers have been forthcoming. Our impressions from her experiences are that many companies were for the most part going through the motions of the audition season with few opens due to already extremely tight budgeting concerns, belt tightening and future ecomonic uncertainty. She got some offers to attend extended summer audition through the SI experience with a chance at apprentice or trainee placement, one of which she plans to pursue. A few companies we have yet to hear from. My parental perspective has evolved to think that attended college is a good plan. I'm comforted with thoughts that she will be residing in a dorm setting vs the alternative of independent living in a place relatively unknown. In my view this represents a smaller step and slower transition toward total independence. It also appears she will be receiving continued training at a level comparable to that of a trainee/apprentice, if not more enhanced through a variety of offerings on campus, along with academics applied toward the earning of a degree and the advantage of open class offerings in the surrounding community which will be new in her experience. I've been reading professional bio's more actively and have taken notice that more performers are holding BFA's or have college studies. To continue training in her home environment is not an option as most all opportunities has been explored and exhausted. Of course all things are subject to change, should a really good offer materialize or her sense of interest and direction shift with exposure to a wider world and opportunities through the college experience, only time will tell.

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My daughter will be attending an SI with a regional company which has a trainee program, and she is hoping to be invited to stay as a trainee for the next year (which would not happen until August). At this point, she has no other plans or options, although she knows she needs to come up with something in case she is not asked to stay. That part, for me, is quite stressful. She will not be returning to her current studio, at any rate. College, if it happens at all, will be years down the road, after she has exhausted any and all opportunities in the dance world.


Tango, best of luck to your son this weekend!

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K8smom...Thankyou for your well wishes! Like yourself everything is up in the air until there is an 'offer' from someone...it certainly makes me abit uneasy as I'm sure you are also. Wishing your daughter Good Fortune in her pursuit and to all who are going thru this painful transition of sending your child down the 'unknown' and the 'unfamiliar' pathway!

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Thank you, Tango - yes, the uncertainty is very unsettling. I wish that my daughter had applied to colleges as at least a backup, but she has no interest at all right now. Community college would be an option for her, but the dance training would be nonexistent there, so I know that she won't even consider it.

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My daughter graduates in June and fortunately was accepted at the only college she applied to. Unfortunately she wasn't accepted into the dance program there and has one more chance to audition for the department and then if she doesn't get in she'll have to choose another major. It's a modern program and she is trained in ballet. I watched her audition and she really struggled with the modern. She will have to bite the bullet and take beginning modern for non majors and beginning ballet in the fall. In the meantime she will go to an SI at University of Utah, her dream college but much too pricey for our family's budget. I am so glad that she is planning on going to college as much as she would love to follow her dreams she is grounded in the realization that most likely will enjoy dance at a non-professional level.

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Balletshuttle, I just read the wonderful news about your daughter's being asked to remain at Ballet Austin as a trainee! I know that everyone will want to add their own posts to tell you how happy they are for your daughter and wish her well - as well as wish your family well in the act of getting her situated out there! :sweating:B):thumbsup:


Please keep us posted, if you feel comfortable, as we all like to live vicariously ;) and can truly learn so much from each other.


Again, a hearty "congratulations"! :P

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Congratulations to your daughter, balletshuttle! That is very exciting news B)

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Balletshuttle, Congratulations to you and your daughter! Wishing her great success! :)

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