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Archived: 2003-2018 Company Congratulations!


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:wink::shrug: Ronnie and Lexi

A big Congratulations!!!!

I'm so glad her opportunity came!

Ronnie, it makes all the wear and tear on our cars, pocketbooks and emotions worth while, doesn't it?!!

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Ok Balletshuttle, its time for an update. How are things going for her?


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:party: She's doing GREAT! The trainees do some understudying and have performances of their own. Right now they are understudying for one of Stephen Mills original ballets called "Not Afraid of the Dark", and she understudys two dancers. They are also working on "Carnival of the Animals". She has several parts of her own in that and is very happy with how that is going. :thumbsup:

She has a great apartment and roomate, so that is going really well. She is still trying to get a part-time job. It seems to be a little harder there than it would be here, plus, she's on her own and only 17. (Working papers and the like). What I didn't know was that her working papers from here are no good in Texas, so she has to start over with that there. :sweating: All sorts of new experiences!!!

Thanks for asking!! I love to tell about it :)

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Thanks for posting. Those of us whose daughters would like to take her road a year or two from now would like a continued update on the great things that happen as well as the pitfalls. Every little bit of knowledge helps.



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Guest natthecat

Balletshuttle--congrats to your family as well. Sounds like a wonderful experince is in store for your DD. Austin is a really cool city. Do trainees get paid there? I have always found it confusing, the difference between an apprentice and a trainee for example? Are they the same thing?

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Since many of us feel we know each other via this board, and a good number of us really do, it is really nice to offer our best wishes to our friends and their dancers.


Vagansmom, here's an official thread to offer a hearty "Congrats!!" to your dancer's new place within MOMIX for this season - and her touring with them, as well! :shrug::D:dry:


I hope that you and all the other parents out there who have dancers just starting off on their careers or in the middle of them will continue to share your experiences with us because you know how interested and supportive we are, and we continue to learn so much this way. Perhaps one of you will start a thread at some point about life in their companies...?


I'm looking forward to attending a performance when you give me the word!

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Please accept my hearty congratulations on your daughter's success.:jump: I've heard much about her from those who have seen her dance and I know that she is extremely talented. I wish her all the best and like BW, hope you will keep us posted on her adventures! :shrug::D:dry::shrug::secret::secret:

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Guest balletmama

Woo hoo! Congratulations, vagansmom, to you and your talented daughter! Can't wait to tell my daughter, who still has fond memories of yours from their summer together! We will definitely try to see Momix sometime soon...

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To Vagansmom:


Let me add my congratulations -- MOMIX is a very interesting and creative company, and I'd imagine they're also FUN!!!

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vagansmom...Let me wish you and your daughter the very best of beginnings in her new career with MOMIX... such a unique and interesting company! Enjoy every moment :wink: and what a special time for you and your whole family!

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To Vagansmom,


Just want to add my heartfelt congratulations to both you and your daughter.

Cristina - Momix does have a website that may give you a great idea of their work and the people involved. Just do a google search.

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I know that we all like to rejoice when one of the children of a Ballet Alert user makes the transition to a professional company. Recent congrats have gone out to Vagansmom and Balletshuttle. Here's another one that deserves our congratulations, as well!


Tango49's son just finished his first week as a Trainee with the Royal Ballet! :wink: Tango49 is too modest to post this, but as many of you may recall, he placed 1st at YAGP this year. The offer from the Royal Ballet was just one of several impressive offers he received after the event.


So, let me begin by sending my congratulations to Tango49 and her son. I am looking forward to a wonderful career for him and I do hope that you will keep us posted about his experiences at Covent Garden!

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To Vagansmom,


Congrats! We're so proud. Don't forget to keep us posting on the wonderful things that happen and the woes too along the way. We would love to learn what it's like to hopefully our own kids should they reach this amazing height.


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