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:wink: Congratulations to both of you! I've seen your son dance, and he's wonderful! I wish you both the best. As a mom, I imagine it must be great to see all the years of training and sacrifice pay-off.
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I'm not a ballet mom/dad (although I have posted the most here :unsure: ) but I would like to say CONGRATS to Tango49's son. I met him this summer and also saw him dance a lot and was very impressed!! I wish him the best and, Tango, Keep us posted on his new life in the Royal Ballet!! :wink:

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Guest balletmama

Tango, congratulations to you and your son! Having seen him dance at Grand Prix, I knew he had some great offers and looked forward to hearing what he would decide to do next. Great news.

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Congratulations, Vagansmom & Daughter!


We had the pleasure of seeing Momix earlier this year when their tour brought them to So. Cal. I would describe the company's work (that we saw) as kind of a ballet meets Cirque du Soleil. Very creative and very, very entertaining!

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Balletshuttle, I thought I congratulated you long ago but when I was showing my daughter the thread about her own contract, she looked here too and wondered why I hadn't posted. :wink: I was sure I had.


We are both VERY happy for your daughter. My own kiddo fondly remembers their summer together years ago and is delighted that your daughter, one of her favorite summer friends through the years, has nailed a contract. Hard to believe our kids have gotten so old, eh?

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Tango, what thrilling news, both on your son's YAGP win and the Royal Ballet position. :wink: Such an illustrious company!


I'm hoping you'll be a frequent contributor on the RB thread now that you'll have such a close association. Do you have travel plans in your future?

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Thanks so much to all who offered us congratulations! It is a very exciting time for us and alittle sad as well as our family misses him so much. The wonderful reports that have trickled in from the Royal so far has kept us going. He is in the last trainee level at the school and is experiencing so many different things he can hardly contain himself! The method they use concentrates heavily on perfection of the positions and por de bras developing fluidness of movement which is new to him and exciting to learn. Just spoke with him today and he gave me a description of the classrooms at the ROH where the company rehearses. The rooms are huge and one is twice the size of our stage of our theatre at home. The windows are positioned in the ceiling which brings in lots of sun and if the sun is too bright can be covered by pressing a button. After Christmas he will be able to take class with the company in the ROH! Meanwhile the classrooms in the RBS are just as nice and he's finding everyone there very warm and friendly. His townhouse is about a 15 min. tube ride from the school and very nice (thanks to the RBS). If anyone would like to know more about the school please don't hesitate to PM me...I'm new to the RBS myself but am learning as the calls come in! Thanks again to all! :wink:

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Thank you, everybody :thumbsup: And thanks to BW for posting the news. :wink: What a nice surprise!


If you are curious about MOMIX, go here


My daughter will be performing in Opus Cactus. Moses Pendleton originally set it on Ballet Arizona.


I like the comparison to Cirque. It's one that's frequently made. MOMIX has been around a bit longer and consists of a small company of dancers. Right now there are three casts. Musicality is central to their work. Their dancers have often been described as dancer-illusionists. Most of them have come from the ballet world.


My daughter is finding that her central core is getting stronger than she could've imagined. The work is intense and loads of fun with lots and lots of collaboration.


We'll get to see snatches of MOMIX's "White Widow" when Altman's movie, The Company, filmed with the Joffrey Ballet, comes out in December. I believe Emily Patterson, a Joffrey Ballet dancer and former MOMIX member, will be performing it.

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vagansmom...we must have posted at the same time! Yes we'll be visiting him in the spring and hope to see him dance as well. Meanwhile we're counting the days until he returns home for Christmas. I'm sure you're feeling quite the same as we are and wondering where all the years have gone :wink: I'm missing most driving him to ballet class...wow what a void now! I certainly will post any RB goings on that I hear from him. I know he's planning to see Carlos Accosta at the ROH in Oct. Tango

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To Vagansmom:


Neat MOMIX website! :thumbsup::wink: I see that they're going to be at The Joyce in NYC twice - in September and October...that's interesting. Please keep us up-to-date, OK?

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Opus Cactus is the performance we saw earlier this year. We thoroughly enjoyed it and give it a very enthusiastic endorsement. There were so many great parts, but I particularly enjoyed one of the earlier pieces in the show where a female dancer is suspended like a cocoon on one of those bungee-type contraptions. I also enjoyed the lizard dance (which I'm sure has a much better name), and the piece with the skateboard-like devices where the dancers zoomed across the floor. Lots of fun.


Congratulations again. I hope we get the opportunity to see this company again soon!

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