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Guest Nicole Foss

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Guest Nicole Foss

Good Afternoon,


I was just curious as to how much standardization there is for dance class costs. If you are willing to share, I would like to know the following information:


Approx. Location (ex. Northeast USA)

Single class cost (with length of class and type of class)

Multiple class costs (package deals/seasonal tuition, with # of classes)


Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to give.

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Don't know if you just wanted responses from folks in the States, but here's mine (South Africa)


I take class with 3 different teachers. We don't tend to pay on a per class basis over here, but rather per term (about 3 months)


Teacher 1: 1 Hour long class per week at R425 per term

Teacher 2: 2 one hour long classes per week at R600.00 per term

Teacher 3: 1 Hour long class per week at R545.00 per term



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Guest beckster

Approx. Location: Londonengland

Single class cost: between £4-£6 for 60-90 mins (really varies)

Multiple class costs: I pay about £110 a term for two hour-long classes a week. Each term is 10 weeks. I get a 10% discount because I take 2 classes; I would get more discount if I took more, I think.

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I'll add to Beckster's post and say, you can pay a lot for a single class in London! I paid 9 pounds on Monday for an hour and a half. It was a good class, though. Usually I pay seven pounds (1.75 hrs.)

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I think my place is pretty expensive as these things go.


This summer I took walkin classes that were $11 and $15 for 1.5 hour classes.


Where I go, 1.5 hour classes are $15 for one each week, $14 for 2 each week, or $13 for three or more each week. On a walk-in basis they are $17. "Extras" for those already registered are $15.


Prices adjust down or up $1 for each 15 minute decrease/increase in the length of the class.

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I'm in Boston, Massachusetts and usually get a 10 class card for $90. If you pay per-class it's $10, most of the other open classes in the area are similar, between $9 and $12. Oh yes, and for an 1 1/2 hour technique class.

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Approx. Location: NYC

Single class cost: $15 for 1.5hr technique class

Multiple class costs: 10 class card $135 ($125 professional), 3 classes/wk $160


I don't know about multiple class costs, but in my experience most all of the classes here in the city are between $12 and $15 a class.

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Location: Sweden (Europe)


one class of 90 min costs 137 SEK approx: 16.6 USD, 10.4 GBP or 15 Euro. (I get this "lower" price because I'm a student otherwise it would cost me 153 SEK, 18.56 USD, 11.61 GBP or 16.61 Euro)


But my other school charges more; 146 SEK which is approx: 17.7 USD, 11.08 GBP or 15.85 Euro for one 90 min class. But on the other hand, this school doesn't give you a discount because you're a student.


All classes have a "live" pianist. No CD:s for the Swedish people! :rolleyes:


One term usually has 14 or 15 classes. (which is equal to the number of non-holiday weeks in one term) So one course in the expensive school is 14x146=2047 SEK (248 USD) per term and if you would like to have more classes a week you'd have to sign up for more courses. (I don't think any of these schools offer any single-classes)


This means that all the prices above are multiple class prices which I have divided by number of classes to obtain the cost per class.


:rolleyes: Compared to you guys it seems as we have very expensive classes over here!

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I’m in Princeton, NJ and a single class is $16 (90 minutes) and a card good for 10 90-minute classes is $150. Until two years ago the school also had an annual $35 “membership” fee also, but I think because so many people objected, we haven’t been charged that.


I’ll challenge koshka for the dubious honor of going to the school that best extracts money from its students.

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I'm in Montréal.


Two classes per week cost 15.50 CAN$ (10.25 US$) each for 1 1/2 hour classes

One répertoire class per week cost 18.50 CAN$ (12.00 US$) for 1 hour class

One pas de deux class per week cost the same as repertoire

Pick up classes cost 18.50 CAN$ as well

Private classes cost 46.00 CAN$ (30.00 US$) for 1 hour class



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Taking classes in Singapore (South East Asia)


If I sign up for the entire semester, each class will come up to about only S$14. Which comes up to about US$9 thereabouts. Singular classes at the studio where I take my lessons or elsewhere cost about S$18+. Can anyone else in Singapore confirm this? :rolleyes:

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I take classes in Helsinki, Finland, in a school called Helsingin Tanssiopisto.


Single 90 minute classes cost 12 euros; taking only single classes is discouraged.


Usual way of payment is per month (4 weeks). You enroll on weekly classes; the more classes you have a week, the cheaper it gets. One 90 minute class a week costs you 43 euros a month (a little over 10 euros per class). Two classes a week cost 72 euros, three classes 96 euros, four classes 118 euros and five classes 141 euros per month (9, 8, 7.37, 7.05 per class, respectively).


These classes need not be in the same dance form, they can be in e.g. ballet, modern, flamenco, Irish, tap, whatever you like (the school has a wide variety of classes). The above is an example: the school also has shorter classes, in which case they are a little cheaper.


For 145 euros you get a pass that entitles you to take as many classes a week, in any dance form, as you want to.


Paying per term instead of per month gives you 10 % off, as does having family members also studying at the school.

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Classes in Scotland are approx £4/hour; £5/$8/Euro 7.15 for 90 min (that's usually the average time of a class). Multiple class costs approx 5% less as soon as you add a class (3+ classes, take off 5% for each additional class -that's on the basis of a term of 10 weeks of lesson)


I have taken classes in France, where the price is slightly higher in private schools, for 90 min, single classes would be £6/$9.7/Euro 8.60 (that's very approx!)


I don't think it's very expensive... It's the same cost it seems that a lesson (same duration) of martial art, painting, pilates...etc... And extremealy less on the long run than subscription to a health club (at least here in Scotland, not so true in France)

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