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Keeping Hips Square

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

I have a hard time keeping my hips square in developpe a la seconde. I have pretty good strength for my a la seconde developpe, but I find that I raise my hip. I try to "drop" my hip, but then I feel as though I'm sitting into my hip. :wub:

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Keeping the working leg hip down does not necessitate sinking into the other hip! If you feel like that is happening, it probably is, and the answer is......don't let it! :wub: Use your abs and your glutes and lift your weight out of your heel and do not ALLOW yourself to sink into the other hip. It sounds simple, and it is, really. I mean, you already know what you are doing wrong, therefore you must also know how not to do it! Be sure that you keep the working leg in your own rotation control zone, because if it is further side than your rotation can handle, the hip of that leg WILL lift, and of course the leg will also be turned in.


Terin, just a reminder, as I know you love trying to help. That is fine, AFTER the moderators have answered. But technical advice here on BA is given by the teachers, not the students. If you have anecdotal thoughts on the subject, like things that have helped you with a problem, you may of course share those thoughts after we have address the technical problem in question. :blushing:

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It's okay, Terin, I know you just want to help :pinch: Lots of teens want to do that though, and we just feel that they do not have enough technical knowledge yet to offer professional advice :(

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