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tapered flat shoes?


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I'm not sure if this is the correct board for this topic, but since I'm not asking about pointe shoes, and I'm an adult, I thought I'd start here. I have mentioned before about my elf shoes (my flat shoes turn up at the toes after a few weeks of wear). Since I have very tapered feet, there tends to be too much material in the shoes at the last three toes. Does anyone know which brand and style of flat ballet shoes are the most tapered? I don't care if they are leather or canvas (I have used both and they both have pros and cons), and I've used split sole (which I prefer) and non split sole. The shoes I purchase are as small as I can possible get, so I don't think it's a matter of size. Any advice? Thank you.

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In the Discount Dance Supply catalog, there is a Bloch split sole canvas shoe that is listed as available in "round toe" or "tapered toe." I have no experience with these, so can't tell you what they're like at all. Perhaps you can check out the website, www.discountdance.com, and see if it is any help to you. The model # listed in the catalog is SO216L (with T at the end for tapered).

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The most tapered that I have seen are canvas shoes made by Russian Pointe. They're probably not the easiest to find though. (don't know where you are geographically).

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Thank you both for your replies. I will check out Discount Dance, and the store where I get everything carries Russian Pointe Pointe shoes, so I will ask the owner about the flat shoes as well. Also, I'm going to Las Vegas on Wednesday - YEA, so I'll check out the store I go to when I'm there. I have never seen either one of these shoes, so it will be interesting. Thank you again for your help on this.

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pleiades--do you know if russian pointe has a website?


i'm interested in what people have to say since i have very tapered toes too (and a long second toe)


my last pair of canvas shoes was grishko from www.dancechoice.com , the one with the low vamp (it didn't have a style name). they fit pretty well. the only other kind i've tried is made by principal shoes, which has a lot of extra material over the last three toes. :pinch:


let us know how the shoe expedition goes!

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