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Other exercise prior to ballet class

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

This term my ballet classes are at 8pm. Living in London means that there's no point in making the journey home after work just to turn around and come back again ... so I was wondering what I could do to fill the time (aside from staying at work :thumbsup: ). Since I am only doing two classes a week I do want to supplement with other exercise at the gym but would it be a bad idea to do an hour of exercise (such as a "body conditioning" class) before ballet?

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Actually, it could be very helpful, if it is not so strenuous that it wears you out! :thumbsup: Try it and see how it works. Body conditioning, stretch class, Pilates, any of those should work pretty well to get you ready for ballet!

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I actually prefer to take ballet class after a floor barre or some excercise. Once you're nice and warmed up, and can really feel where your abs are :thumbsup: , barre work is much more productive in my opinion.


If it's the first class of the day, or if you go in cold after just a brief self warm-up, it can take the entire barre to feel placed and ready to go. I think an extra body conditioning class sounds like a great idea. Pilates or floor barre would be perfect!

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Guest beckster

Sadly the class would have to be at the university gym, so I won't get the option of anything ballet-friendly like floor barre! Hopefully once university term gets going I will have some choice of yoga and stretch classes rather than "power combat aerobics" :thumbsup: or something. Otherwise it would have to be a gentle swim, I suppose.

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