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Guest NuAnointingDancer

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Guest NuAnointingDancer

I need some ideas on what to wear to my jazz class. Since I usually take ballet, I have know idea what to wear to jazz. The teacher said that I could wear pants but I don't know what kind to wear.

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Jazz pants would be appropriate, but if you don't have them, then black tights would be fine too. Jazz shoes would be a very good idea, though. You can wear a leotard under the jazz pants or over or under the tights, or a cropped shirt or tank top if you have jazz pants. It helps, especially for a ballet dancer, to wear different clothes than you wear in ballet in order to feel more like a jazz dancer :wink: Let your bun down into a pony tail, that will help too!

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I agree that it is very helpful to be able to change your attire for a different class. I usually take ballet, so when I take jazz i really like to change it up so I can get a different feel. When I am in my black leo and pink tights, its practically impossible to let it loose and get into jazz. I like to wear black jazz pants (which are like flared stretch pants) and a camisole with my hair in a ponytail and jazz shoes.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

When I do jazz I wear black jazz pants with a funky pink stripe down the side. And then I either wear a leotard or a tank top, with a really high ponytail in my hair. I hope you enjoy your jazz classes!

Love Erin

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Guest Dancergal92

I agree with Dolphingirl. I have trouble letting "loose" in my jazz classes also. Some jazz classes I have taken have had jazz teachers that really like the funk style of jazz, and that is impossible for me, because most of the dancing can be done without a suffiecent amount of ballet training.

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Man, if you guys have problems letting loose in jazz, i do not recommend hip-hop. Hip-hop is the exact opposite of ballet. You pretty much have to throw away all of the discipline built up for ballet.

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Guest Katrina_54

LauraT, you're exactly right about hip-hop. I tried a class last year and it was awful for me!! I was trying to do everything ballet-stlye, so I looked REALLY funny :D !! I found this weird because I take jazz classes too and don't struggle that much with "letting loose"...but hip hop was so different to me!



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Guest imadancer

hey! I take jazz, but from what i've heard it's basicly hip-hop i luv jazz :blink:

i typicly wear jazz pants, a t-shirt, and my"jazz boots"(the split-soled tennis shoes that Bloch makes)


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

i haven't had any problems letting loose, but thats just me

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To me, Jazz and Hip-Hop are incredibly different, though they are certainly more similar than, say, ballet and hip-hop. I'm not quite sure how i want to explain this, but to me, Jazz has a more classical base, and is less, for lack of a better word, exposing, than hip-hop, if you get what I mean. Anyone else that can translate what I'm trying to say?

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Guest Tarantella

From what I've heard, jazz can be completely different from Hip-hop. Jazz seems a lot harder than hip-hop, I believe that there are different styles of jazz too. For example, lyrical jazz vs. some other type of jazz?!?! Obviously I am NOT a jazz expert considering I'v only taken a jazz class a few times!! I guess I just thought I would add my little tid bit in that I have learned from the few jazz teachers I've taken class from. B)

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I think the biggest difference, between jazz, hip-hop, and classical ballet, is the attitude. It's funny, because in ballet it's (almost) all about the movement. Jazz is a mixture, and hip-hop is (almost all about the attitude). At least, that's how I see it.

And, Dolphingirl, I'm not sure what you're trying to say. B) Sorry.

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... I *hate* hip hop with a passion. I tried it once - I looked like the most incredible dork the world has ever seen. It's not because I've done too much ballet, I don't think, because I'm actually very good at jazz (it's sort of like ballet - that's what I think, and it helps me a lot to think of it as ballet, done differently, with attitude. The basic principles are the same.)

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