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How Do I Make My Feet Stronger?

Guest NuAnointingDancer

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Guest NuAnointingDancer

How do I make my feet stronger? I read somewhere that strong feet really help you when you go on pointe. My ankels are strong but I dont think that my feet are. Are there exercises?



NuAnointing Forever!

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Tendus, dégagés (battement jetés or glissés), pas de cheval, frappés, elevés and relevés and more elevés and relevés and more tendus, etc. :wink:

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Also, if you get a theraband or a resistaband, like the Gaynor Minden one with the exercise book, you can really exercise your feet. I absolutely love mine, my feet and ankles burn so good when I finish with it! :flowers::yes: It has exercises to strengthen the back musles and legs for pulling up and has exercises to work turn out too!

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