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Sat. classes in Boston area

Guest kristinene

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Guest kristinene

I'm going to be up in the north-of-Boston area this weekend, and I'm hoping to get to a class. Does anyone know of a studio that offers a Sat. class to 'drop ins'? I'm thinking of something like Dancespace in NYC, or anything that is open to adults not registered for classes. I'm at an intermediate/advanced level, if that helps.

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Guest Nicole Foss

Try The Dance Complex, in Cambridge... they have a 10:00-11:30 intermediate ballet class on Saturdays for $9 or $10, as well as an elementary/intermediate class from 11:30-1:00 for $11. If you need more information, their webpage is www.dancecomplex.org where they have a schedule, class descriptions, and contact info.

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I second the Dance Complex.


You are also invited to come to our company's affiliated school. We have a ballet class at 11AM on Saturdays by our artistic director and choreographer, Jose Mateo. It is at 11AM in Harvard Square. For more info, see: http://www.ballettheatre.org or call 617-354-7467.


Boston Ballet also has a class at 11:30 on Saturday (www.bostonballet.org)


Oh, I see. Dancespace NYC is not Ballet, so you would probably not be so interested in either of the above options. Jeannette Neill runs probably Boston's premier Jazz studio and company. www.jndance.com


There is also Green Street Studios (www.greenstreetstudios.org). There is an Intermediate Modern class by Cheri at 10:30. Also, an Int/Adv ballet by Marcus Schulkind at 1:30 (with 1-hr floor barre before). Marcus Schulkind is a modern dance choreographer. His ballet class is NOT an adequate preparation for dancing classical ballet. However, many people speak highly of it (swear by it) and it seems to be very good for modern dance. The class is very large. Combinations are very long, to really get you dancing.

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Guest kristinene

Actually, I was looking for a ballet class - just used the Dancespace example as a place where you can drop in without being registered for a class.


I took the Int. Ballet class at the Dance Complex and it was excellent. Thanks again for the info!

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I may make use of some of this info.


Now another question, mainly for citibob: the site you list doesn't seem to have a fall schedule up yet.


Are there any classes on Sundays?

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Koshka, the Dance Complex has two ballet classes on Sunday: Intermediate, from 11:30-1, and Advanced Beginner, 1-2:30.


Boston Ballet has an Intermediate class 12-1:30.


There may be others about. I'll do some further research. I was able to answer immediately about the Dance Complex and Boston Ballet because I have their most recent schedules on my desk within arm's reach.

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Koshka... The schedule for the weekend at Ballet Theatre is as I stated. I checked, and it DOES have a Fall schedule posted.


The other studios I mentioned, I do not know as much about.

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