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Lady Elle

Well, his reply to how big they expect the incoming class to be was the fact that they have 34 freshmen now.  Which is less than an earlier post suggested.  They also do not have Pas classes their freshman year.  They do need to take jazz (along with modern, of course).  The meeting felt a little odd.  I felt a little silly for asking to meet with him.  

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Hi all! What I do know is that there is a formula that normally works to have a new class of 25-30 factors a percentage of those accepted will come to Butler. The past two years that percentage was much higher and they ended up with large classes 35+. There is always some attrition attributing to the lower number. It’s a rigorous program with exceptional talent and not for everyone. Mr. Attaway is a great guy and typically very good with an audience. :D

It’s an amazing program and university!

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My DD will graduate from Butler Ballet in May. Having followed them for last several years they do a good job of flexing with size of acceptances. My impression is that they offer similar number of positions and class size depends on acceptances. 

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