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Butler ballet students and their parents may be interested in the article "Performance Art That Would Make Any College Proud" in today's NYT sports section. Bobby Fong, BU's president, makes the point that the ballet department's dancers were just as uniquely important as their basket ball team. Michelle Jarvis, Chair of BU's School of Dance, is quoted extensively. My DD is proud to be part of their incoming freshman class.

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Twinkle Mom

Jeannie 257, thank you for sharing the article. I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

gotalot2learn, thank you for posting the link.

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dancedreams, I can't get your link to work. It just comes back as an error. You might want to check it again.

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Yes, it works!


Butler will certainly get more attention now that they have risen to the top of the B-Ball ranks. But we have been getting interested and checked out their website several times because of what I have read on this site about their wonderful ballet program. My daughter is just finishing seventh grade, but I feel that this is just the time to start investigating options and entering discussion about what will come post high school. Oh, the stressful years to come!! :blushing:

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Butler is definitely on the list for prospective schools for my soon-to-be 10th grader. Looking forward to learning more about their program from those in the know! Keep the info coming and thanks in advance!

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Thanks for all of the great things you have to say about Butler!!! We are all certainly proud to be Bulldogs! It's definitely been very exciting to see how much attention not only the basketball team has received but other programs on campus as well, not to mention my own department :speechless: And though it seems some of you have a while to go before you start making decisions if anyone has any questions or needs information I'm more than happy to help!


And welcome to your DD Jeannie257! We are excited to have her join us here in Butler Ballet!


P.S. If anyone will be in Indianapolis April 16-18 we will be performing Swan Lake at Clowes Hall! It's going to be a great show!

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Guest balletandsynchro

I'm going, and I can't wait to see the performance! As an aside, Butler University is also ranked by US News and World Report as having the most romantic campus :speechless: It is a beautiful campus!

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