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Butler's Common Data Sheet--2009


Keep in mind that with all the NCAA Tournament exposure, it is quite probable that the number of applications submitted in the next few years will increase.

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I did think of that too, dancemaven. My DD (currently a junior in HS) is very excited to audition for Butler this Fall or Spring. It was really fun to cheer for them in March Madness but the whole time I was thinking, now they are a less well-kept secret!

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Twinkle Mom

Thank you for the link, dancemaven. The information is very helpful... and encouraging. :(


My daughter is also a HS junior who is very interested in Butler, and I had the same thought throughout the NCAA tournament, even though we enjoyed following the Bulldogs. My daughter took advantage of the opportunity to experience (as a junior) the San Francisco audition and enjoyed the class very much.

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Thanks for the reference to the NYT article - very interesting and encouraging to read, and nice to be able to pass along to others in New England who know nothing about Butler! It is encouraging to read their observations of dancers being similar to athletes in both effort required and respect earned. Having been on campus for Early Registration Day when the Bulldogs knocked off Syracuse, I can say that school spirit is alive and well at Butler. The attitude of "team first" and "being a contributing part of the community" definitely seems to live itself out in day to day life. Every person we encountered was so excited about the success of Butler's basketball team, but also was enthusiastic about the school and it's successes and opportunities in general. My daughter and I are feeling better and better about her going there every day. Now even the little brother into sports will have reason to be enthusiastic about Butler!

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At long last - a decision! My daughter will be attending Butler University next year. She spent three summers away, and her favorite spot was Butler. She has loved the elements of their program and their professors since 6th grade. Some of the Butler students danced in her small pre-pro ballets, and we always thought they were remarkably well-trained. After searching all over the country for another type of program, we have come full circle to Butler. Now the real excitement starts!

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Congrats Tutu on your DD's decison to attend Butler next year. My DD is a rising senior and I cannot say enough good things about the dance department and the academics at Butler. Swan Lake was amazing and I was moved to tears. I cannot believe that she is graduating next year...it has been an incredible experience and I am so glad that she decided to continue her education and training at Butler! Please let me know if I can be any assistance to you in this transition.

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Guest balletandsynchro

I agree with you marzipan! My daughter is also a rising senior. I cannot believe that these past three years went by so fast. The dance department is amazing! I too am thrilled that she chose to attend Butler. Swan Lake was incredible, and the awards ceremony this past Saturday was very impressive. So many of the dance students have incredibly high GPAs and double major.


I am also impressed with the current senior class and their jobs thus far for after graduation. Latin America, the Middle East, trainees, corps, second companies, classical and modern, post-grad studies. You name it, and they are doing it. Bravo to all those seniors!!!! :):)

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I am so pleased to hear how satisfied you both are with the dance program at Butler. My DD and I are both very excited and now only have to decide on housing. How did the meal plan work with late rehearsals and performances? Also, did your DD find many healthy options for food on campus?

Can you update us on where the current seniors will be going after graduation? Thanks.

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I am also impressed with the current senior class and their jobs thus far for after graduation. Latin America, the Middle East, trainees, corps, second companies, classical and modern, post-grad studies. You name it, and they are doing it. Bravo to all those seniors!!!! :):D



Yes, we'd love to hear more details as to the seniors job offers for this year.

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As an aside, Butler University is also ranked by US News and World Report as having the most romantic campus :) It is a beautiful campus!


I was a dance major at Butler 20 years ago. The campus remains as beautiful today as it was then. The gardens in the center of the campus always provided a nice retreat between classes and rehearsals. And my first serious boyfriend was a cello major so we enjoyed having the opportunity to walk the campus as well as perform together on several times with me onstage and he in the orchestra pit. (sorry, brings back lots of memories- ah, nostalgia of my youth)

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Guest balletandsynchro

Hi tutu2you, yes, the meal plans worked out fine. Generally the dining hall at ResCo is open with hours that are convenient. Atherton opens later in the morning, but is convenient to Schwitzer Hall. As far as healthy options, well let's say my daughter ate a lot of salad and chicken breast the year she lived in the dorm! :yes: Make sure that your daughter has a fridge in her dorm room for healthy snacks and drinks.

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Hi everyone!


First I just want to say how proud I am to be a member of Butler Ballet. Swan Lake was absolutely incredible. I was tearing up every night in the wings at the end of Act IV waiting to go on for curtain call. It was such a beautiful production and I can't believe I was a part of it.


I have a list of places that the seniors are going but I seem to have misplaced it so I will locate it and get the complete information posted asap! In the meantime here are some that I remember.

Principal-National Ballet of Panama

Company Member-Elements Contemporary Ballet

Two traineeships-Louisville Ballet

5 Month Training Program-Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company


Again, once I get that list I will post more.


Meals work out pretty well. For men it's a little more difficult as we usually don't have a break for lunch. However, I am pretty sure that almost every girl in the department had time for lunch. I must strongly second what balletandsynchro suggested about having snacks and such in the room. I always keep my room well stocked. Our days are pretty long and can be pretty exhausting so it's always nice to have things in my room that pack well in my bag.


Welcome to the new students that I keep hearing about!!! We are all very excited for the Class of 2014 to join us!

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Thanks for the continuing flow of information. I suppose we buy a fridge for the rooms? Also, for the ladies, any suggestions as to whether the women's dorm or the co-ed one is better than the other? The only negative we can find to Butler is that you have to live on campus for at least three years. My daughter is not the sorority type, so that probably means three years of dorm rooms. How do you seasoned Butler students like this policy? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge. My daughter can't wait to stop trying to keep up with two jobs and turn it into one that includes dance and school!

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Guest balletandsynchro

You can buy the little fridges from Home Depot, Lowes, Target etc... For a dorm alternative for sophomore year, have your daughter look into the on-campus apartments near Hinkle. They are a bit of a walk from Lilly, but better than a regular dorm and they are air conditioned! Also, if you want more info on Greek life pm me. Many of the dancers are Greek.

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