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Yay! good news, i was accepted to Butler Dance and i think i am going to attend. I am curious about the daily schedule at Butler (in terms of number of classes, times, rehearsals, etc.). Also if anyone is a current student i would love to hear your feedback about the program.

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Congratulations Linzoo! as a former student and dancer with Butler i think i can give u a little idea about what to expect.

as a freshman you will most likely have modern and jazz twice a week on alternating days in the morning. At midday around 12:20 you will have your technique class followed by your pointe class and after that you have rehearsals on Mon, Tuesday, Weds and Thurs. you have partnering class on monday for levels one and two. thats pretty much what to expect, oh yeah you have rehearsals from 9 to 5 on saturday. i know i know Saturday

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Thanks so much for the info. I was wondering how many students are in each level and, since you said there was partnering, about how many guys are there in the dance program?

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well there are each level made up of the different years you are in college so freshmen are level 1 and seniors are level 4 however if you are technically advanced they will put you in a higher level. while i was there, there were 14 but i had to transfer to indiana because it was cheaper.

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Thanks for the info Alphamale, i have a few more questions


How was the casting done while you were there? What was the biggest ballet class size? Were the jazz and modern classes divided by year (freshmen, sophomore, etc.)? Do you know if you have a double major if you end up with two advisors, or just one who schedules for both?

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Hi linzoo; congratulations on your acceptance! I graduated from Butler so I thought I would chime in.


As alphamale said, there are 4 levels for ballet classes. These are roughly organized by year, but there are plenty of freshmen who aren't in level 1. They never really put any freshmen in level 4. I know they have in the past, but they never did in the time I was there. However, there were sometimes seniors in levels lower than 4.


Class size varies. The lower levels are usually smaller. The largest class was usually level 4. My graduating class was abnormally HUGE, like around 20 something, so most of the seniors combined with several juniors and a sophomore or two left us with a class of around 30. I think level 4 usually ranges in the 20s, as the size of my senior class was not usual. The studio we were in is enormous, so space was rarely a problem, but it was difficult for the teachers to be giving attention to everyone.


Casting is done mostly by seniority. Basically, once you are a junior you are elligible for soloist and principal roles. Sophomores and occasionally freshmen will often be able to do demi-soloist or soloist roles.


Most other dance classes (jazz, modern, etc.) are primarily by year, with occasional exceptions. The modern teacher now is different from the one I studied with, so I am not sure how she is running placement. Pas de deux classes are less organized by year, as professor permission is required for registration in those classes. Pointe classes are organized about the same as ballet classes, and based more on ability than age.

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Hi again, this is to either of you, i have two more questions

About how many students in the dance program while you were there were pursuing a double major? What did people do after they graduated? Did they decide to pursue a career in dance or did they go on to graduate school or a job in another subject (ex. if they had a double major or other interests)?

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right now i believe that there are about 100 plus dancers in the department give or take a few with about 13 guys (in case you wanted to know for partnering reasons). 12 students graduated last year and i am not sure where they went i know only a few were actually going to pursue dance performing as their career however many of the 12 were arts administraion majors so they will still be working in the field of dance. i went back to butler recently and the seniors there were telling me that so far no one had been offered any contracts for company's so they are not feeling too good about that right now. i am going to be going up to butler this weekend to see their performance of the sleeping beauty, i am planing on using this performance to help me decide whether or not i am going to be going back to Butler or transfering to Indiana U so I will keep u posted.

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Well after seeing both IU perform their spring show and Butler perform Sleeping beauty. I have come to the conclusion that they are kinda evenly matched I say kinda because I'll give a slight edge to IU because there guys are better. the production on the whole was OK. The way they did it was that each teacher took a different scene or different act, so in the end there was to me a lack of uniformity to the show. The vision scene and the rose adagio were well done. however I must admit that I was a bit disappointed by the show not the dancers but by the choreography which seemed to have no ties to the petipua template. In the end I have decided to go to IU. so good luck to you at Butler.

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Thanks for the honest opinion; I think that is interesting about the choreography... Well, good luck at IU and thanks for all the helpful information.

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I also applying to Butler and have my audition in November. I'm wondering about how many people will be in the audition class? Is it similar to huge SI auditions? Also, about how many people to do they accept? Finally, I was wondering if you wanted to major in Dance Performance if you could also double major in something else related to dance such as sports medicine, etc? Thanks!

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The format of the audition is that you take class with the current dance majors. You take the highest level class, and then the lowest. I believe there are around 20 dancers auditioning at a time... but i could be wrong. The amount of people they accept is dependent on the year, and that sort of thing... this year was a bigger freshman class than usual. They encourage you not to double major because the time necessary for the dance performance major is so much that it makes it hard to juggle 2 majors. I dance at the pre-professional school with Butler and i will be auditioning for Butler's dance department in november... so i may see you there!

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