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DD is submitting a video audition - we have information about what should be included in the video, but there is no indication if any or all of the combinations should be en pointe. Does anybody else know? I haven't heard back yet from Butler, so thought I would check here.

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My DD auditioned a couple weeks ago. It was a whirlwind trip. I didn't dive in and ask as many questions as I had at other auditions. Audition season started out rocky for DD with a rejection and a waitlist before her first acceptance. We pretty much had it in our heads that she would go to that first acceptance. Well...She was accepted to Butler! Yeah! Now we have two programs tied for first choice. She is attending college on the GI bill so finances look the same for both schools. So now I have a few questions. Does Butler have PT resources, where do students typically train in the summer, is it easy to get lost in the program with so many dancers? It seems that this should be an easy decision, but it is not. The other University gave such a good sales pitch and Butler didn't work as hard to sell the program. I am trying not to let the sales pitch cloud my judgement.

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Hmmmm. We had different experience. Butler sold me so much I wish I could attend! We loved it! I do know that have a PT that gives them an evaluation at the beginning of the school year. From there - exercises/therapy are suggested to work on areas of weakness or problems. I was also told that if need be - they can see a PT on a more regular schedule. When asked about summer - I was told that most dancers continue to do summer intensives. My daughter also has 2 universities to choose from at this time and we are somewhat torn. I was hoping to wait for the financial aid packages to see if there were any merit scholarships before we make a decision but Butler won't send that info until mid March and the other University said it could be early April. That's a long time to wait! I can tell you we are leaning towards Butler also because of the 3 different degrees. The Ballet/Arts Admin is sort of like a "two for one" in my opinion! Good luck!

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We were planning on training at home this summer since we have so many deposits due. I sure hope that that doesn't hurt her if she decides on Butler. I do like the Arts Admin degree a LOT! The other University has a PT room(free PT 4 days a week) and a full pilates studio and gyrotronics machine. I had hoped that she would have a tough decision, now I kinda wish fate had decided for us.

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watching in awe

My daughter is a senior at Butler. It has been a wonderful experience for her! She auditioned for and was accepted to 10 colleges before choosing Butler. It was a whirlwind of traveling and anxiety to say the least! She just knew Butler was the school for her! There are many aspects into choosing a school (size, diversity, activities, etc) but the training and performing they receive should be placed as the top priority if this is something they want to continue after college. Try and do research on the colleges. Have your dancer google college life for that school and see which one she thinks she could call her home for 4 years. For my daughter, she just knew. I don't think Butler has to "sell" the school because it is one of the top college dance programs in the US. I am truly impressed by the calliber of dancers there! They have so many dancers audition each year! Congrats to your daughter for being accepted!!! :clapping:

The fact that they do offer different degrees is also a plus. My daughter chose the BFA in Dancer Performance. The instructors can help advise them on this. Many dancers also choose to minor in something they are interested in.

As far as guidance for summers, it is really up to the dancers. My daughter attended summer intensives every summer. She also went on the study abroad with Butler dancers at the beginning of summer last year and then attended another summer intensive. A truly wonderful experience! (Poland, Austria, Czech Republic) There are some dancers who take the summer off, but most continue to train somewhere.

Butler does have a small training room in the arts building that has a reformer, weights, etc for the dancers. Never crowded and great for before or after class. They also have the incredible recreation activity center that has everything - pool, jacuzzi, weight machines, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for all of that info watching in awe! We live in PA so Butler is 7 hours away (which is killing me) but I am so excited to watch her grow at Butler. We loved the campus so much and it felt right for her. We were up that way for an audition for a different University and we made her dad visit Butler with us on the second trip. We popped in unannounced and 3 different people dropped whatever they were doing to give my husband a tour and answer all of his questions. If she has to be that far away from us - I feel so happy it will most likely end up being Butler. At this time, she received a very nice academic scholarship. I can't lie - a talent scholarship would be wonderful but we know not to hold our breath! For my DD - performances are one of the most important aspects for her and Butler's performance opportunities and the auditorium are such a huge bonus! As of right now - she is registered as Dance - Performance. We were going to make her change to Dance - Arts Admin. so she had a "back-up" plan or just something to fall back on when her dance career ends. Thank you for sharing your information as a parent of a senior!

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Thanks watching in awe! I think you are right about the sales pitch or lack there of. A lot of Universities lose students to Butler and have to really turn on the charm to convince you to come to them. The summer intensive thing is stressing me out. Our studio, which we have only been at senior year is bringing in people for the summer, one from Harid that I know of so far. I sure hope it is enough training. I don't think I can swing an away intensive this summer. I have to let the SI know by Feb 8th if we are attending. Yikes!

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Some additional thoughts for those considering Butler:


1) Ballet centric program with emphasis on classical ballet

2) Program run using a ballet company model - all students perform in three primary performances (Nutcracker, MidWinter, Spring) and can be part of two additional performance opportunities (Student Choreography in fall and Senior Choreography in spring). This approach also means individual evaluations by full staff annually.

3) Emphasis on maximizing experience and learning. Many other college dance programs limit options for students to study other academic areas as it is difficult to coordinate with a dance schedule. Butler works to offer expanded opportunities - first with its degree programs in the dance department and also supporting students interested in double majors. Butler is a liberal arts university that requires core requirements across the curriculum.

4) Commitment of university to the program - Other programs and organizations on campus are expected to work with those in Jordan College of the Arts to accommodate their rehearsal schedules.


My daughter, a junior, also attended summer intensives her first two years and attended the study abroad last year. The program encourages broad experiences. All juniors in arts administration seek internships the summer before their senior year as a degree requirement.


Congratulations and best wishes.

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By the way, Summer Intensives are not required.

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To the parents of current Butler ballet dancers - have they roomed with other girls in the program? My daughter is so torn and we keep going back and forth so advice would be appreciated! She usually just "fits" with other dancers so much better but she's worried it might be too much togetherness since they will be in dance class with each other all day. On the other hand, she will be very busy and might not be a great roommate to a non dance major since she won't be around a lot! Thanks in advance :nixweiss:

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One more question...does the dining hall meet the needs of dancers, as in healthy options and hours that meet the needs of crazy dance schedules?

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I remember these feelings. I have two daughters in college, one is junior at Butler. By choosing a private university of this size, one benefit is the support and training that they provide parents along the way. That part of the process doesn't start until the application and acceptances wind down so it is easy to feel anxious during the time between when you choose a university and getting to start finalizing details.


Also, I would encourage you to allow your children to lead resolving these questions. It's part of their transition to being college students. That said, as parents we can (and often need to) provide perspective. For example, the former freshman women's dorm at Butler (torn down this year) made my daughter wonder if she wanted to go to Butler. My job was to say, it's where you will sleep for less than eight months and not important enough when you love everything else about the school and the program.


All that said, I recommend open selection for roommates (one worked out great and one didn't). Your student wants to meet as many people and make as many friends as possible. She will do this with other dancers without rooming with them her freshman year. Also, if they don't live well together (as can be the case even with a best friend) they will still be taking a majority of their classes together all four years.


Food is not an issue, lots of healthy options. Regarding dancer schedules, Dean Jarvis told us "The biggest challenge for incoming freshman dancers is adjusting to being finished by 6 p.m. every day." Now that dance is what they are studying and not an extracurricular activity their schedules actually become sane.


Enjoy this exciting time!!

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Thanks, everyone. After spending time on this forum today and sitting down with the director of her studio, I have a lot more clarity on how to help DD make her decisions. It has been a bit of a struggle because her dad is not on board with the dancing in college thing and wanted her to go to the other university in hopes that she would change her mind. I'm like if this is what she wants to do than she needs to jump in with both feet and go to the best school for her career field that she has been accepted to. If things change down the road then so be it, but right now this is where her focus is and she should run with it. I only wish I had as much focus at 18 as DD does when I was headed off to college!

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lakemom, we need to make a decision fairly soon. My DD will be attending college on the GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon Program. Butler has 9 Yellow Ribbon slots open for the fall and we were the 5th to inquire about it. She has the potential for a fully funded Butler Education if we act quickly. If she misses out on the yellow ribbon we will be about 16,000/year short.

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