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Well, his reply to how big they expect the incoming class to be was the fact that they have 34 freshmen now.  Which is less than an earlier post suggested.  They also do not have Pas classes their freshman year.  They do need to take jazz (along with modern, of course).  The meeting felt a little odd.  I felt a little silly for asking to meet with him.  

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Hi all! What I do know is that there is a formula that normally works to have a new class of 25-30 factors a percentage of those accepted will come to Butler. The past two years that percentage was much higher and they ended up with large classes 35+. There is always some attrition attributing to the lower number. It’s a rigorous program with exceptional talent and not for everyone. Mr. Attaway is a great guy and typically very good with an audience. :D

It’s an amazing program and university!

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My DD will graduate from Butler Ballet in May. Having followed them for last several years they do a good job of flexing with size of acceptances. My impression is that they offer similar number of positions and class size depends on acceptances. 

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My DD is just starting the application process, and Butler is on her list.  Can anyone comment on what the most recent graduates are doing from 2017 and 2018?  I have looked through this thread, but only found 2016 grads.  


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Hi balletgem, 

Here are a few of the places Class of 2018 are dancing: Louisville Ballet (4 women), Cincinnati Ballet II (male), Ft Wayne Ballet (1 woman), City Ballet of San Diego (3 women), San Diego Ballet (woman), Verbs Ballet (male), Charlottesville Ballet (women), Ballet West (woman), Joffrey Ballet (male), Kentucky Ballet Theatre (woman). Others are at other regional companies that I can’t recall the names...most of these positions are as trainees and apprentices.

Class of 2017 include: Los Angeles Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Kentucky Ballet Theater, Oklahoma City Ballet, Sarasota Ballet, The Washington Ballet, Richmond Ballet, Central Illinois Ballet, City Ballet of San Diego, San Antonio Ballet, Charlottesville Ballet, Visceral Dance Chicago, Big Muddy, and others went on to grad school.

Hope this gives you an idea of where several grads have gone. 😊

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My DD auditioned on the 2nd then received her acceptance on the 12th.  She loved the program and felt like it would be a great fit for her.  She did say the kids had to live on campus for 3 years???and that she thought there would be a larger freshman class than the other programs she has been accepted into.  I was unable to attend the info session for the parents and now wish I did :)  Thanks to everyone who is sharing info on these boards!!! Navigating through this college dance path is a lot😱

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Viviangrace - based on the audition and observation of the classes at Butler, I would say they do not stick to one syllabus but are varied.  I believe they've performed Balanchine pieces.  In my opinion, the audition class that my dd did with Butler was one of the most difficult auditions.  Very cerebral.  It was also very crowded which made it a little more difficult.  

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Hi Whippet2me- I attended the Butler audition and another university audition (I'm unclear if I'm allowed to mention another school in Butler's thread) that I see your daughter also auditioned at.  Butler's class size (compared to some others) appears to generally be much larger.  Some universities that my daughter is looking at state that they are looking  to admit 15-17 new dancers but Butler used to aim for approx. 25.  In their very recent past (you can scroll backwards and see which years) their algorithm for acceptances versus actual student enrollment had gone haywire.  Several years had quite large class sizes.  Anyways.... the department stated they are looking to reduce admissions in general and looking to have smaller groups (I got the impression of less than 20 - we will see what pans out).  

 With all that being said, Butler did an amazing job selling their university.  From my brief impressions (I have not asked anywhere else) while speaking  to the students (during a question and answer session and then while they were giving small groups tours), the students feel their professors do an amazing job keeping in touch with the students, they know their students and are invested in their success.  They even switch out teaching classes ever 6-8 (I think?) weeks so the students are continually challenged by the different teachers different expectations/teaching styles, and it also allows for all the professors to have their finger on the pulse of each group of students (since there are more of them!).  

Viviangrace- read what I included about the teaching styles in the in the last several sentences.  Every professor at Butler comes with their own background and they expect their dancers (they flat out stated as much) to become familiar with all the different styles and expectations of the different professors.  This expectation very much mirrors what their future real world experiences may look like so I'm glad to hear it.  I remember one teacher was Vaganova, one was Balanchine, and I think (???) one had some Cecchetti influences.  My daughter would probably remember more but she's not here to ask right now.  

Yes, all students have to live on campus for three years-she remembered that correctly!

My daughter's Butler audition class was actually much smaller/not as crowded when compared to another University's she attended at the beginning of October in another state.  




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Thank you 3elizajane for the great info!

What a crazy process. We are at the half way point...guessing the schools took a Nutcracker break...so grateful🎁

Best wishes on your DD's upcoming auditions. 😊

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Getting closer to making DD's final decision and looking more closely at curriculum and degree options. Love so much about Butler's program and all we've learned from this thread! 

We would appreciate thoughts from current/recent dance majors and parents on your experience choosing the BS in arts administration or BA in pedagogy major vs. BFA in ballet performance (knowing they don't have to choose as freshman, these seem like great options to have!). 

Is it realistic - or super challenging - to also minor or double major outside of dance with any of the degree tracks, or would you not recommend attempting that? 

Also would love any insights on participating in the honors program as a dance major and whether it's difficult to fit? 

Thank you so much in advance!

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Most dancers begin only considering a performance dance degree.  In the first semester of their freshman year, they will be introduced to the various additional options available to them at Butler.  The majority will choose to pursue a degree in Dance - Arts Administration (business) or Dance - Pedagogy (education) or a second major.  Choosing collegiate dance is about gaining experience and expanding their options. 

My DD discovered over the years and a summer internship (a requirement of the degree plan) after her junior year that arts administration was her passion.  She graduated in May and is the Development Associate with the Society of Performing Arts in Houston. 

She chose not to do the Honors program, but others did complete it with some interesting thesis projects.

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My DD wanted to be a performance major going in but we “strongly” discouraged it and “strongly” encouraged her to go the Arts Admin route.  

First of all Butler assured us that their casting for performances has nothing to do with their major - meaning performance majors don’t get roles over the other 2 majors strictly because they are performance majors. My DD is a sophomore so we haven’t had a lot of experience but she did just get a solo and to date - it has not seemed to affect casting. 

Secondly - Butler is not cheap! So how amazing that she can still pursue her passion and get an Arts Admin degree from a school like Butler! 

I keep telling her that someday when she’s done dancing she will have so many opportunities because of this degree. 

That was just our thought process and I’m sure every student has their own end goals. 

Best wishes to all!     

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Thank you owffan and laurelballlet. All very helpful to hear, and it sounds like both of your DDs have had wonderful opportunities! Our thought process is similar and appreciate having validation that Butler would provide great options at the end of four years. 

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Hi Dewaltz-I echo what owffan and laurelballet already shared but would add that it is very realistic (and beneficial) to get a minor with BS in Arts Admin because many of the business and Strategic Comm classes are required for both! My DD grad is dancing but knows that eventually she’ll want to use the Arts Admin and Strat Comm minor for her next phase of life. 😊 There really is no judgement based on major when casting. Best of luck!


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