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Hello! I am a current high school senior who was accepted to Butler! As I am making decisions between different ballet colleges, I realized that Butler is one of the colleges that make it hard for students to leave if they find a job their junior/senior year. Can anyone speak on how true this is or if anyone has experienced this at Butler firsthand? I know some colleges will allow students to finish their coursework online and somehow count their ballet dancing as dance credit for the college? Thanks!

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I have to agree with others.  My daughter is a sophomore at Butler.  She wanted it all so she is pursuing a pedagogy degree with a minor in business.  She did not declare pedagogy until her sophomore year, so they have time to adjust to college life before they decide.  Living on campus three years seems to be no big deal.  

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Thanks so much  balletmama1 and ddegaray! Love hearing your specific examples about the options available. And nice they can make decisions later when they've learned more about tracks and minors. I'm sure it will help so much as a freshman to learn from the older dance majors' experiences and advice too! 

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Hi lilacfairyliz-Congrats on getting ready to embark on this exciting time! I’m not familiar with any of the dance students during my DD’s four year at Butler who looked at trying to complete their degree online in order to pursue a job so can’t speak to your question specifically. I do know that some students finished their degree in three years and started with companies the following season. Like most universities, the coursework in the junior and senior years tends to be more focused and requires inclass attendance. This is just my assumption though. 

You can contact the dance department directly to discuss what options might be in place. Best of luck! Also, Butler is fantastic and very hard to leave even for grads! 😝

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lilacfairyliz - It's not common at Butler for students to leave early because they get jobs and then continue their academics at Butler, it's simply not set up that way. I know of one girl in the time I was there who graduated a year early and got a dancing job, but I think she did it in three years because that was always her plan, not because she was offered a job. 
Most students come in knowing that it's a 4 year program and I don't think many auditioned before their senior year. Like balletmama1 said, once you're at Butler, it's hard to leave :) I loved my time there and wouldn't have wanted for it to be any shorter! 

I started as Dance-Art Admin and I think there were maybe 5 of us who started on the Arts Admin track and by junior year it was closer to 15. A lot of students switch around during their 4 years and it's not a big deal at all. Same thing for adding a minor, all three of my dancer roommates senior year had minors in other fields. All three danced for a couple years right after school and are all now pursuing a career in their minor degree. I don't think many of the faculty really know what track you're on or if you have a minor, so it doesn't effect casting at all. 

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Does anyone have any more recent hotel recommendations when going to Butler for the audition? There don’t appear to be many hotels within a few blocks, and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance! 😊

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Butler is in a residential area.  There are no hotels anywhere near.

There is a B&B in Broad Ripple (Hotel Broad Ripple), which would be the closest to campus. 

Otherwise,  the best places to look (for ease of driving and proximity) would be downtown or along Michigan Road near I-465 north.  Keystone at the Crossing is another area you could look, but traffic around there can be a pain—-and in the mornings, there would be a lot of school buses you’d be contending with between there and Butler campus.

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Stay downtown! Indy is a lovely city. I grew up there and attended Butler— but didn’t realize how great it is until I moved away! 

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Hi Lyngo - There are a couple great AirBnBs very near the campus where we stayed many times. We have also stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton on 86th and Keystone (and they have a Butler rate). Best of luck!

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Congrats, artsRus! If you don't mind, can you let us know what the date was of your audition? Thanks.

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My daughter auditioned in Baltimore on the 11th and received acceptance this past Monday the 20th if that helps:)

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My Daughter auditioned in San Fran on the 4th and got her acceptance on the 13th.

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