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I can tell you that unless things have changed, in the scheme of things, it is a small financial award. But an award just the same.

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My daughter did receive a talent award from Butler and as Momof3 said it is a small award when considering the cost of a Butler education! However she did receive a large academic award as well which makes her total scholarship award considerable. As so many dancers are also excellent students, I am sure this is a common scenario.

Of note, she did not receive her scholarship notifications with her acceptance to Butler or with her acceptance to the dance program. She did the Nov 13 audition and just received her dance award the first week in January, her academic award came at the end of December. So, when your acceptances come if they do not mention any scholarship award, hang in there they may be coming--don't throw away any Butler envelopes (you'll receive alot of them) until you open them!

This thread does a good job of explaining the audition process at Butler but I will be glad to share our experience with anyone who has any questions.

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Yes, ABTgirl, she is planning on attending Butler next fall. She really liked the dance department, liked the smaller school atmosphere and loves the Midwest. When she got the scholarships, it kind of made her decision a no brainer!!

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I was just wondering...how many prospective students were in the audition classes? I know the auditions are with regular Butler students, so is the studio pretty crammed with dancers?

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In my audition there were only 12 perspective students. I think they try to keep it around that number so they will be able to see everyone fairly. Even with the prospectives and current students, the class was not that crowded. The studio is pretty big and everyone seemed to have enough room. Hope that helps!

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Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted so far!!!! My audition is friday and i was wondering about what time did the audition actually end? Did it really last until 5 pm? I'm so nervous!!! Thanks for your response.

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I loved the audition yesterday and now Butler is definitely at the top of my list. Everyone was so friendly and I loved the curriculum, faculty, and facilities. Hopefully I get in, but the department head said that she only accepts about 25 students, so we shall see what happens. Congrats again to everyone that has been accepted so far.

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only 25? uh oh!!! it seems like a lot of people have gotten accepted already...and my audition isn't til much later in the month!


so i guess it means that later auditions are a huge disadvantage? :)

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25 is about the average number of people that are accepted into the program, but they accept a little more than that because everyone that is accepted is not necessarily going to attend.

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