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Congrats to your daughter, @marzipandreams! My parents were only able to afford Butler because of general financial aid, scholarships, and grants! It's true that they aren't very generous with dance program scholarships, but they're pretty generous in other ways. I hope you have a nice visit! 

@ballettalkgrm You definitely need a car in Indy. Butler's campus is very walkable, but she'll want a car to get to the grocery store, Target, etc. if she can't live on campus and have access to on-campus dining. There aren't any hotels close by but it is a pretty residential neighborhood, so you might be able to find an Airbnb! Just be aware that there probably will be students living on campus in houses in the surrounding neighborhoods taking summer classes.

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We visited Butler over spring break and really enjoyed it! It is a lovely campus and even though it is a small school (5,000 undergrad), the campus is not too small. We really liked the campus and it is in a suburb of Indianapolis which is very nice with nice old homes. We got to tour the dance building and see the studios. The costume room is great! There is plenty of space for rehearsals and classes. We recommend the campus tour. We couldn't go in dorms, but we got in the student center, bookstores etc. There are a lot of majors and ballet students can double major as long as there are no long labs (so no nursing or pharmacy etc.). Students can get into all sports events for free. There are sororities and frats but only a third of students participate. Students can take shuttles into Indianapolis, but interestingly enough, students can keep cars on campus and many do. We went to a cute restaurant (Canal Bistro on Guilford Avenue) by the canal and checked out the funky boutiques in that area. Butler made a great impression!

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We loved Butler, but ultimately have picked Oklahoma due to in-state tuition thanks to Academic Common Market that or state is part of with 15 other "southern states." I highly recommend Butler; it's a great school and location.

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My daughter will be at Butler this fall! She loved the campus and the program is a great fit for her. She is excited to perform in a full-length ballet and Nutcracker every year. And she is planning to double major as well!

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Congratulations @classicmom! What will she double major in?

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Thank you!! She’ll double major in math. 

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Congrats, classicmom!! I think it's a wonderful school! If it was me, I'd go to Butler, but it's 30 years too late!! I went to my local university which is the only one my parents permitted.

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