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Just wanted to give some feedback and ask a few questions now that my dancer has returned from Butler's SI.

First of all, she absolutely loved the program, professors, campus, dorms, and the people she met while there.  The training she received was very hands on and while she was disappointed in her level placement, she worked hard and applied corrections. After seeing the final performance, I concur with my DD and her roommates that the placement levels seemed a bit off.  There was a noticeable difference in ability between levels 1 and 2, but between 2 and 3 there didn't seem to be any difference. Level 4 seemed slightly better than levels 2 & 3.  This is of course, my opinion and I have no idea what the criteria was for the levels.  I actually felt like level 2 was stronger than level 3 (maybe I'm biased) and danced together much more cohesively.  Prof. Cholewa set pieces with lead parts for the level 2 and level 4 groups which included 3 current male BU dancers as guest artists.  My DD was selected as one of the 5 lead dancers!  She was thrilled that she was chosen especially since she was placed in level 2 and wasn't feeling very happy about it.  After the performance, Prof. Cholewa was very complimentary of my daughter's performance.  We have seen a definite improvement in her artistry since her return from BU. The professors really seemed to connect with the dancers, or at least with my DD in a way that they were able to get the best out of them. DD has attended some of the 3 letter SI's in the past and she ranked BU's at the top.  We received the evaluation from Prof. Cholewa last week.  Here is my question for anyone who has attended their SI in the past and used their intensive as their college audition.  Does everyone receive a complimentary evaluation?  DD received an average of 4.7 out of 5 overall and very kind words regarding her performance in the finale along with he "hopes to see her again in the program."  Trying not to read too much into the evaluation, but for my DD who would absolutely LOVE to attend BU's ballet program, she is hopeful that his comments are specific and not something that everyone is told.  For anyone who might have some experience with this, I'd appreciate your comments.  I've told my daughter to not get her hopes up as it is a very selective program and the auditions aren't even open yet.  Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

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ballettalkgrm - So do you feel it's more suited for a particular age? Like 16-18 year olds looking at Colleges. What about 14-15 year olds.

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@DanceDaddy.  Yes.  I'd say the majority, if not all of the dancers in levels 2,3, & 4 were 16-18.  There were a few younger girls in level 1.  The training was outstanding!  


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@ballettalkgrm my daughter is already finishing up Her common app and we are hoping to go in November for auditions.  When she went to Butlers SI a few years ago she loved it there along with all the professors she met.  Good luck to your daughter. 

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@ballettalkgrm I looked at her evaluation in 2017 and 2018 and he did add to the bottom you are very talented and we would love to see you in our program again both times.  She received a 4.2 and the next year a 4.8 overall score 

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@meechellealanGood luck to your daughter too!  Mine will be submitting her common app soon as well.  

So it seems the we'd love to see you in our program again, might be a standard line.  LOL....

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We did talk to my daughters admission counselor and the audition classes are capped out at 25. He told us that they are not close to filling up yet.  

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@meechellealanthat sounds about right. There are 8 audition dates.  During the SI, the dancers that wanted to use their time at the intensive as their audition were told that they audition around 250 dancers for the incoming class of 35.  DD said there were 27 dancers who chose to use their SI as their audition.    


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So excited to report that my DD got accepted to the dance program at Butler!  She is over the moon excited and what a relief to have an early acceptance to a prestigious program under her belt.  Has anyone else heard back?

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Congratulations! That is amazing!

May I ask if she was accepted so quickly from the first audition or did she submit a video audition?

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Thank you.  My DD did their summer intensive and used her time there as her audition. 

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Yay.  My daughter who went to the Butler audition on the 29th of October has already received her decision from Butler.  She’s been admitted to the dance department.

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