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Twisting hips when closing in fifth position back


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I have just started noticing this as I begin to pay more attention to the fine details of ballet technique. I have been noticing that when I close from tendu a la seconde to fifth back my hips almost twist toward the leg that is closing. This happens even when I slowly slide through first position to get to fifth. I am not swaying my back when I close fifth back and I am firmly holding my turnout. I am not sure how to correct this, but I do feel like it is a flaw in my technique. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! :D

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Pull the supporting hip in the direction of the barre and don't LET it twist. If you know what you are doing wrong, you can correct it. :D One hip must work against the other one. Also make very sure you are lifted OUT of the supporting leg and not sitting in the heel or pushing back in the pelvis.

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Thank you very much for the helpful advice. I think part of the problem definitely was that my weight was sometimes in my heels. :P While stopping this twisting may take some time in order to develop the "muscle memory", the idea of one hip working against the other has really helped me. Thanks again! :rolleyes:

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Hi flexpointe, I have the same problem! Especially on my left side, where it looks like i'm doing a little hip wiggle. Well, one thing's certain, these little habits take a lot of practice to get rid of them...practising tendus really slowly and having lots of patience helps :D

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