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What style of tights do you think look best/most professionel. I've always wore the plain pink convertable tights made by capezio. A lot of the girls in my class have started wearing mesh ones that have the seam up the back. What is the point of that? Does it make your legs look moe slender or something or is it simply more professional? Mesh seems like it would be more durable...

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...durable, maybe, but scratchy and not at all stretchy! B) i don't know why they are worn, though--maybe it's easier for the teacher to check turnout or technique?

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Love the Bloch salmon colored ones. More flattering to me than bubble gum pink or the light pink that often fades to white. Also love the lightness and stretch of them. Have been ordering them for years.


The ones with the seam are 100% nylon. No stretch, and bag easily. Although I'd love to wear the black ones with the seam for regular wear -- if they would just add a bit of stretch.

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Guest beckster

The "fully fashioned" seamed tights are more traditional - i.e. they are the ones people wore before lycra was invented. They are also a lot cheaper (in the UK at least). Since we no longer wear woolen trunks to hold our tights up, or tunics rather than leotards, or whatever, I don't think we need to wear tights that go baggy and are hot and scratchy when lycra is available :rolleyes:

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From what I've read, the seams are there to assist your line assessment.


You can evaluate turnout and placement - assuming the lines are where they belong.


Of course, if you are OLD like me, you know that before seamless, all hose had to have seams. Then they could knit them in one piece, and then into PANTYHOSE!


I am pre pantyhose age.



I think it is a teacher preference, personally I don't like standing on the seams.

I also prefer the convertible supplex for comfort.


Bloch and Capezio.

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Guest kristinene

Even though I hate the color, I love the feeling of primasoft convertables. Does anyone know what is similar, but a better pink color? I hate having the waistband cinch, and the primasofts are just so stretchy!

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I believe that the preferences according to dancewear are different in different countries. In our only pre pro/preofessional classical ballet school, all the students wear regular pink tights without seams with white canvas split sole ballet flats. In the other school which is also quite serious, the students wear white tights with white flats. No serious students wear leather full-sole flats, not even beginners. Whilst, here on the Internet I've seen a lot of people emphasize the fullsoles...just as an example of the different "dress-codes" in different countries.


I guess there is nothing as "the most professional look" . But I beleive there is such a thing as the least professional look: black flats with pink tights :rolleyes:

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I like the mesh tights with seams in pink. I feel like they contour my legs really well. I usually wear them in private lessons..too "bunheadish" in group classes, though I occasionally wear them there as well if I'm having a girly day.


I'm into black stirrup tights in class now. Capezio tights always go "shiny" on me after I wash them. They always tell me at the store that they won't be shiny. But to me, they're too shiny.


I've seen some girls with white flats in class and I always think they look so good. I wear pink, but maybe will try some whites.

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The mesh style tights really last a long time, and if you happen to get a hole, they tend not to run and you can easily sew them up without them noticing much. So if you like a pair of tights that are long lasting, those are the ones to get.

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I guess there is nothing as "the most professional look" . But I beleive there is such a thing as the least professional look: black flats with pink tights


Pink flats with black tights :rolleyes:

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Lampwick, you made me laugh out loud. That is hysterical. But -- if you want a REALLY unprofessional look regarding tights, how about pantyhose with the lines at mid thigh substituting for actual tights? How dreadful is that?

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Ordinary maroon tights with the lines at mid-thigh under a neon pink swimsuit... Seen it! :wink:


I always used to get runs in the old fashioned tights because they were so hard to pull up - perhaps I should have got a bigger size! :D Now I wear those horrid thin pink lycra ones from Freed - horrid because they are a bit transparent, but lovely because they keep their shape and make you feel 'held in'.

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Okay, let's not get TOO catty about the black tights/pink flats look. Sometimes it's what you can get. In my size (the "plus" range), black tights are easier to come by than pink ones -- with good reason, probably :D And narrow flats are easier to find in pink than black. Does it look great? No. But the main point is to get out there and dance, isn't it? :wink:

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Sorry Treefrog. I wear black tights with pink shoes all the time. I should have qualified that.


FOOTED black tights with pink shoes.

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You're absolutely right, Treefrog. The main thing IS to get out there and dance. Chalk it up to some late night silliness for me. Especially when reflecting upon occasional nuttiness from yours truly when forgetting an item for class. I remember one time not having my slippers (didn't have socks with me either) and needing something to put over my tights. I went through the lost and found and came upon some old white slippers a couple sizes too big, and looked like I had clown feet during barre. If the floor is particularly cold, there's not much choice.


And as for mixing colors, actually, for the past year or so, I've been wearing black leggings (as opposed to tights), footless, with pink slippers. So, I'm part of the black and pink brigade. :wink:

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