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epaulement tips?


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Does anyone have any advice on how to improve epaulement? I find that when the combinations pick up speed, it's hard to remember which way the head tilts. Is there a book or something that anyone can recommend?


It's hard sometimes because I've had different teachers and some of them want it one way and some want it the other way, and the rest don't care as long as you get the feet right.


I'm at a point in ballet where the feet are getting easier, but the arms and head need a lot of work.


Any recommendations?



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Do what Ninette de Valois did. Learn the arms and epaulement FIRST! She then found out that the feet part just seemed to follow naturally.

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You should of course get used to what your teacher prefers, but usually, the head looks

* towards the way you travel (pas de chat, brisé, assemblé...)

* or if you travel backwards, towards the front leg (assemblé dessous, pas de bourré derrière or devant -front foot-, sissonne fermée devant or derrière -front foot)

* and some exceptions of course :P : jeté (petit jeté/jeté ordinnaire) towards the ending plié (usually you travel forward, so it's towards the ending leg at the front)


Those are straightforward on their own. You should get used to that (or at least whatever your teacher prefers) but they can get really muddled in a petit allegro where you mix all those steps, but that's the aim of it (confuse you so that you don't get bored with the same easy exercises. :( )

Usually speaking, you also should not overdo it. So, if the steps are going backwards/forwards/sideways and your head does the ping-pong left and right, it won't be pretty... So, you're allowed to keep it still. :rolleyes:

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